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July 14, 2009. It was a special day. Why? Okay, I am in love with bullets these days:

  • We got to meet people from Qais. The best part of the five minute meeting was how they presented us their business cards. It was so gracious. The moment reminded of my schooldays. It was so similar to all those annual functions when I received a prize from the chief guest.
  • We met Baskar. Two things. The way he shaked hands – that’s how one is supposed to do it. It communicated enthusiasm in the best possible way. Secondly, we got to learn about the concept of KEP. It was great to know how we are making products that make a difference.
  • I worked with Mohanish on a project that required some graphics to be incorporated. While I focused on making the concept understandable, it was great to see him polish every minute detail. He just made it perfect. That’s what we call value addition.

This is three-dimensional stuff.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more (and to show how much I do, I’ll use bullet points as well)

    • Qais… Big people who make you feel important. The quality of the business cards spoke volumes about the quality they expect from us. I was disappointed with the short meeting because so many questions were running through my head. But yes, “gracious” is the perfect word for them… the way they dressed, the way they conducted themselves and the way they insisted on leaving (despite knowing that pizzas had been ordered for them).
    • Baskar… One of the most modest and people-oriented persons I’ve met. Yes, I love his handshake. It’s firm, it’s confident and it’s a shake! It says we’re here to do business and I believe you can do it well. And although I had heard about KEP a million times, it was explained so simply, giving importance to just the right things.
    • Mohanish… Apart from his terrible singing and even worse choice of songs, he’s a great person to work with. That’s partly because I am the most uncreative person on this planet (I think in black and white and in straight lines!!) and he is able to explain things to me without sounding condescending.

  2. 2

    Hey Ankit,

    You’ve hit the nail on the spot with those three effective bullet points.

    My fun thoughts:

    • Qais: Loved their cards and attention to detail, even on the dress:)

    • Baskar: I loved the KEP concept and it was really good to meet a person who is so simple, effective and confident about what he does.

    • Mohanish….we go back a long way with our non-verbal talk and I must say this: he is very nice and considerate to me always.

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