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We know that, “drug for Asthma are not perfect” perhaps, no drugs are. Yet the patient of Asthma desire to live a normal and active life. Asthma is a fatal disease and living with it is rather stiff, but patient under treatment and self effort can come down and this satanic disease can be brought under.

Asthma is an allergy prone disease so; asthmatics should come at the value of their sleeping and eating habits. They should do without milk, yeast, eggs, fish and citrus fruits. Patient can’t bear with canned food as it contains benzoic acid and sulphur dioxide (preservatives), orange squash or any other orange drink should also be avoided because it comprises tartrazine (an edible yellow dye) which can run out the situation too.

Asthma is a disease of urbanization so; second handed smoke such as barbeque flames in restaurant, pubs and parties should be avoided. Patient must use mask while traveling via an open vehicle. Perfumes and deodorants especially in the aerosol container, projects a fuzz of perfume into the air also causes allergy.

Dust mites (a microscopic creature) , is the most troublesome allergen which makes this bleak disease worst. These mites are most abundantly found in bedroom, bathroom and also love to live in the heave of cloths, cottons, feathers and hair. Asthmatics should try to keep their selves away from these mites. Washing the bed sheet and cleaning the house will not get you rid from this diabolic creature (for asthmatics). Vacuum cleaners are very much efficient of disposing the mites off. If we excuse the texture, nylon bed sheet and pillow stuffed with synthetic fibre would be a better choice. Mattresses should be covered by plastic covers. A pillow with polystyrene granules must be there in the bedroom of the patient as it takes the shapes of the body and help the patient to relax while panting, puffing or asthmatic wheezing.

Above all, the most inevitable thing is to pay more heed upon the breathing habits. When the patient is feeling more anxious, breathing slowly and deeply can help. To avoid asthmatic wheezing every time, asthmatics can help their selves by an autogenic relaxation method, which involves a very slow repetition of calming phrases – “My arms are heavy and warm and my breathing is steady and slow”, for this, one can take help of the experts.

Muscular exercise could be very much beneficial for the asthmatics among which swimming is the best. An inhalation of bronchodilator drug (Sodium cromoglycate) is also very helpful before muscular exercise. The best way to cope up with the stressful situation is to take your mind away from what is worrying you.

You might be thinking , “its easier say than done”, but, Asthma is a fatal disease and it’s better to fight and live a normal life instead of leaving yourself in the lap of this Satan.

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    khushi it seems a very good research on asthma but i want to know more about autogenic method. From where would I found the experts for this method . Do a physiotherapist can help ?

  2. Thanks Khushi, for giving some useful information in this small post, Looking forward to read more of your posts ..!

  3. 3

    Thanks Charvi.
    Autogenic method is a self aiding method which makes you concentrate on your breath. There is an Asthma Research Institute at Patel Nagar in New Delhi (India) where you can find experts for this method.

    @Kuntal: thanks for the comment.

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    Live Life 

    This narrowing is not constant though the illness may vary considerably, in severity, from one person to another. Live Life

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    good information 4 people sufferin 4rom asthma it will surely help dem.

  6. 6
    Piyush Nigam 

    Anyone for non conventional medicine here?
    For the believers there is a cure in Hyderabad where one needs to swallow a live fish stuffed with a herbal medicine during a specific solar phase which occurs twice a year!

  7. 7

    I am now a regular reader of your stuff

  8. 8

    This article will really be helpful for people suffering from asthma… keep it up!

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    aahan bhasin 

    There are cod liver oils which cn b beneficial if takn twice a day. this asthama varies from person 2 person as de cause of allergies r variable. There is an asthama research centre at patel nagar in delhi which cn possibly detect de cause of n type of allergy n hopefully cud b beneficial for asthamatics or person sufferin from bronchitis either.

  10. 10
    usman zafar 

    In children between the ages of 3-14, a positive skin test for allergies and an increase in immunoglobulin E increases the chance of having asthma. In adults, the more allergens one reacts positively to in a skin test, the higher the odds of having asthma.

  11. 11
    usman zafar 

    A person suffering from asthama should always take preventive measures coz dis is a fatal disease. A person suffering from snowphilia or bronchitis must take de precautions as it cn turn 2 asthama n a normal asthamatics could bcum severe one. If akriti would hv taken her disease seriously n carried her pump 2 her way 2 skul she might hv been alive 2day.

  12. 12

    I really like to thank everybody for the appreciation. Especially to Zafar sir Bhasin sir and Piyush sir for adding more information about it.

    Zafar sir, I agree that person suffering from any disease should come at the value of its seriousness and Akriti should have taken the precaution measures.

    There are lots of Asthmatics who are forced to leave their home to hilly areas during arid season.
    @Live life: Its true that severity of this disease varies from one asthmatic to another. Asthma starts from allergy and a little problem in breathing, it is better to stop it there instead on bringing the situation of leaving one’s home for the sake of life.

  13. 13

    I agree that Akriti would have been alive if she would have carried her pump along to the school but, we must accept the fact that in INDIA(not sure about other countries) people never miss a chance of making fun of one’s disease and disability, that is why Asthmatics do not flaunt their pumps. This might be a possible reason of Akriti not carrying her pump along for which she paid the ultimate price.

    As suggested by Piyush, yes there is a non conventional cure for this disease in Hyderabad which is for vegetarians and non-vegetarians both. This place opens in first week of June every year for 2 days only (not sure about the dates). The only catch here is to find the original providers out of dozens of fake people sitting out there these days.

    Practicing little bit of Yoga daily can also be beneficial along with some kind of lung exercise like “blowing a balloon”.

    Thanks Khushi for sharing this information.

  14. 14

    Ya, very well said Khushi. This thing can help people suffering from asthma .It can also inspire people to leave smoking live a happy life without asthma.

  15. 15

    Doc i must say a very well composition, but u should mention abt the expectorants and demulcent’s use in asthma,bronchitis and in common cough so it may give the clear picture abt it .i’ld like to discuss abt it as it’s very much unclear to me. waiting for ur posts on autistics.

  16. Nice post. You’re in my RSS reader now so I can read more from you sometime again.

  17. 17

    I’m commenting ’cause you asked me to..just kidding.
    Well-written,But you should learn from people’s advice,after all you’re still very uncivilised,ill-informed of sorts.

    Ps-Don’t kill me.If you do,how will I comment,huh?

  18. many thanks a new thousand with regard to composing that

  19. 19

    hi doc 🙂 it’s really a useful post. keep writing……..thanx

  20. 20

    magnesium supplements n vitamin-c really works. good going keep it up.

  21. 21

    good going; but wat abt chronic asthma ?

  22. 22

    hi all, i am suffering from snowphilia…. i am afraid that it may turn to asthama.. the symptoms are.. continous sneezing, red eyes, it happens mainly due to change in weather, and sum allergic substance like soap, perfume etc.
    can any body tell me its cure…. i wd be thankful…

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