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One can’t be apologetic for being successful but, Is Danny Boyle’s Slumdog Millionaire truly worth getting 8 Oscars?

Remember Parinda? A Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s mega hit movie. If you will go through the movie again you will find Slumdog’s Jamal, his brother Salim and his girlfriend Latika is the replica of Parinda’s Karan (Anil Kapoor), Kishen (Jakie Shroff) and Paro (Madhuri Dixit) respectively, who rose from Mumbai slums. Parinda was even Indian official entry for 1990 Academy Awards in the best foreign film category but didn’t win the Oscar.

I was besides myself with joy when I saw A.R.Rahman getting 2 Oscars for the same movie but that very time one thing struck my mind that is Jai Ho (Slumdog millionaire song) the best song he composed ever? It seemed to me that those block heads are really carrying coal to castle because there are many A. R. Rahman’s songs which are well worth of an Oscar.

In the movie Lagaan The English were grievously in charge of Indian’s life in ruin. But when twist of fate occurred, pride hath a fall and the restrained Indians took time by the forelock and succeeded with new fangled English men in their own National game Cricket, it was really a shameful event for them. Lagaan was nominated in parallel with Amelie, No Man’s Land, Son of the Bride and Elling. Yet, self praise is no recommendation but many of us found Lagaan much better than any of these movies or even Slumdog Millionaire but, in the view of Oscar’s jury Slumdog was worth getting 8 Oscars and Lagaan not even for one. It’s difficult to say whether it is their decision or obstinacy. Even after the Oscar ceremony Ashutosh Gawarikar said “Americans must learn to like our films”.

Yet Slumdog getting 8 Oscars had already created much ado about nothing but in my view this matter should not really be hushed up. We really need to make Oscar’s jury aware that we are seeing through their tricks and the decisions they are holding with is that, all they like to see is vehemently distraught Indians living in inferno, which Danny Boyle has perfectly caricaturized in Slumdog Millionaire.

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    Piyush Nigam 

    This almost sounds as if Lagaan not getting an oscar means Slumdog’s oscars become wrong. I would disagree with that.
    I agree that AR Rahman has created some fantastic music in the past – I think what really made the impact bigger in slumdog was the effect that it had. A lot of time the musical score changed the essence of moments. For example in the initial scene when the cops were chasing these kids it was a rather sad scene and one could almost imagine India running half naked on the screen with its state of poverty – but the musical score at that time showed that even with the mess we are in, we are winning our battles everyday – the music was not tragic it was the music of joy and about winning a daily war!
    I loved Slumdog and I loved Lagaan too – though with Lagaan I am not sure how much of the thrill was just driven by how Indian I am inside!

  2. 2

    i appreciate the “trueness” of the whole issue , even i admit that slumdog got the not so needed acclaim , but nevertheless it is “dejavu” for us , time to celebrate ,but maybe like a lot of people have already said this….the jury in the panel of oscars really need to know what are good films and what are mile stones, i would definetely vote a mira nair movie or a jhumpa lahiri than a danny boyle….

    good write up.

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    Thr is no need of makin a mole of de mountain hill so, u cn think it positively coz it might b possible dat de jury in de panel of oscars didnt lk lagaan as much as dey lkd slumdog.

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    Piyush sir, I agree to your view about Rehman’s music magic contribution in Slumdog, for I think them reasonable.
    I am not standing against Slumdog neither do I am trying to stand for Lagaan. I only tried explaining what Indian movies are done by Oscar’s jury. Because what they like to see is totally opposite to what Ashutosh Gavarikar has shown in Lagaan.
    Even I have strong owe for Slumdog but the decision of giving 8 Oscars to Slumdog and none for any of the India movie is really disputed.

    @Tarang: This is just a thought.

  5. 5

    Ya, Khushi very well written .These Americans only know how to underestimate Indians.In Lagaan there were many songs which were worth an Oscar but it didnt get the Oscar just bcoz the film wasnt as high to the expectations of foriegners and Slumdog got an Oscar bcoz the film was exactly to the thinking of foriegniers which showed poor India,poor people in the shit etc etc.

  6. 6

    Well, first off I would say Oscar is a war game between major film production companies like Sony pictures entertainment, Universal studios, 20th Century Fox, Time Warner’s, etc. and

    Second off, The only missing thing in Indian movies, is Concept. I think most Indian movies (few exceptions) are a just concept less event sequences filled with songs.

    At some point, Indian directors find themselves speechless and that point they create a song space while Americans do not have song culture. This makes a difference. In my view, a song destroys viewer attention towards film and this is the key point for refusing Indian film to Oscars. Another may be lacking of major film Production Company.

  7. 7

    ya i think u’r right about certain matters but this is not true that all the phenomenal deciding of oscar award winner is fake, n if it could be true then smile pinky wouldn’t has been awarded by the same jury in d oscar pannel.

  8. 8

    Absolutely no comparison of movies like Slumdog Millionaire and any Hindi super blockbusters.

    In Oscar awards, Bollywood movies are kept under foreign film category no matter how superb the movie is, and hollowood one’s are kept in main category hence the number of oscar award for them is too high.

    No big issue. Its similar to marathi movies getting smaller awards in filmfare and not kept in A-league with Hindi movies.

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