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Friday, February 18th, 2011 | Author:

Hello ladies and gentlemen,

Here is someth-ing to keep you think-ing over the weekend….

The Killer:

What do you call a prostitute in present continuous tense?

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Wednesday, September 01st, 2010 | Author:

Do you have eleven thousand rupees? Yes, that’s all it takes to get married to the Bollywood diva, Kareena Kapoor. This, and much more, is being revealed by Delhiites, who have turned into detectives for RJ Nitin of Red FM.

One of the most popular radio jockeys, Nitin is on a roll, digging up some of the darkest secrets of the city through his listeners. People from different parts of Delhi call him while he is on air to report incidents they have encountered. These include exposing the fraudulent babas with posters promising their ability to get you married to actresses for Rs. 11,500. Be it the sale of tobacco to children or chaiwallahs adding addictive substances to the tea sold at roadside stalls, Nitin’s jasoosi has captivated Delhi.

With all the action happening live, Nitin has found many enthu-cutlets in the junta – all set to be actively involved in detecting crimes as serious as stealing of cars. So, he isn’t the nit-wit we thought he was when he was known as Khurafati Nitin. He actually turned out to be quite a witty Nit(in).

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Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 | Author:

har nayi cheez ke baare mein
woh bachchon si dilchaspi
aur badon sa pyar dikhaake
kandhe par dena thappi

bade bade sapnon ko lekar
chchoti khushiyaan jeena
woh akhbaar ke safhe palat kar
maze se cigarette peena

uss hansi mein shauk hai
shauk hanste rehne ka
un baaton mein jo bhi ho
shukriya unhe kehne ka

kisi ke roomie, kisi se baangla,
har rishta inka anokha
Sab se Love, mujh se **x
par kisi ko na de dhokha

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Monday, May 10th, 2010 | Author:

April 23, 2009. Match #10 of IPL 2009 – Kolkata Knight Riders vs Rajasthan Royals. Tie. Who will bowl the Super Over? Warne goes ahead and gives the ball to Kamran Khan, a fast bowler with no international cricket experience. As young Kamran bowled, I started identifying with him. And, I realized that Priya has been like Shane Warne to the Content Team.

Shane Warne is the greatest cricketer I have ever watched. This respect stems from the faith he shows in his team and his team mates show in him, thereby delivering excellent performance as a team. Over two years, I have seen writers showing the same kind of faith in Priya. We believe that we, as writers, and our articles are in safe hands.

Both Warne and Priya are masters of difficult arts. Spin bowling and financial content are not something that anybody can execute with perfection. They know about the pitch so well, that it shows in the accuracy of what they deliver. They are incredible in what they do. While one has the ability to turn the ball more than the wicket allows, the other has the rare quality of knowing more than what clients actually tell.

It is said that Warne invented a style of bowling – something that was his original style. Of what I have learned about content writing from Priya, if we just spin the content, adding our own understanding to it can take content to the level of originality. The best example, of course, is her extraordinary article on fixed income bonds, which she linked to James Bond movies.

I belong to a generation that has grown up watching Shane Warne. Unfortunately, the next generation will not see much of Warnie’s magic tricks on the field. Similarly, at Veda, I belong to the generation of writers who have grown in Priya’s custody. People like Ranjit and I believe that the next generation of writers won’t be as lucky as us, since Priya will become less and less available for training and answering queries.

Here’s hoping that their journey towards perfection continues and they keep spreading what they have gained, while learning the ultimate lesson of sharing.

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Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010 | Author:

Arunesh Dogra: polly is asking for ‘quotes’ again, we should give him some
Ankit Chadha: ya
Ankit Chadha: lets do that
Arunesh Dogra: yes, quote-le aam!
Arunesh Dogra: saala quote-a sikka!
Ankit Chadha: this ones for the IPL season: feroz shah quote-la
Ankit Chadha: wat else?
Ankit Chadha: rain-quote
Arunesh Dogra: bichare me koi quote nahin
Ankit Chadha: quote and bowled
Arunesh Dogra: where is ‘hardquote butler’
Arunesh Dogra: what bites palash at night?
Ankit Chadha: no idea
Arunesh Dogra: Mausi-quote-toe
Ankit Chadha: which kind of shirts does palash prefer?
Arunesh Dogra: dunno
Ankit Chadha: 100% quote-ton
Arunesh Dogra: once palash was travelling…where was he going?
Ankit Chadha: pathan-quote?
Arunesh Dogra: to Faridquote
Arunesh Dogra: where does he go gambling?
Arunesh Dogra: Quote-man-do
Arunesh Dogra: bachpan mein (this is a bad one) aunty ne baby palash to kya bola
Arunesh Dogra: chooo quooooote
Arunesh Dogra: bas

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Friday, January 15th, 2010 | Author:

Here is a tribute to the most daring American ever :

on his 81st birthday

Thursday, January 14th, 2010 | Author:

pyare baba nyare baba
features ke kashi, visuals ke kaaba

pacey baba desi baba
resto-bar bhi tum ho dhaba

sabse bada tum knowledge bank
paani of every think tank

kitne tode tumne laws
content team ke santa claus

chaahe lab par baat rahe ki
tum ko samajh na paate hum
par itna tum bhi samjho ki
PR na tumse karte kam

aaju baaju kishmish kaaju
badam akhrot ho ya pista
koi nahi hai team mein jisse
tumne na ho joda rishta

zindagi ki ye yezdi
phurr se daude, yahi hai dua
keep kicking the fire baba
jahan hai charms, waheen hai dhuaan

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Tuesday, December 01st, 2009 | Author:

What is the speed at which a balloon travels?

People who have been told the answer are requested not to disclose it. People who have not been told the answer are expected not to use any law of physics.

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Thursday, November 19th, 2009 | Author:

Angel Angel
Purer than Gangajal

Fastest Smartest
Efficiency’s Litmus Test

Likes Bach Loves Dogs
Edits articles, Writes Blogs

Full of Life, Working day half
Laughs a Lot, Makes you laugh

Lasts Long Ding Dong
Fights with Maid, Die hard Bong

May God give your farm another neighbor
You don’t need blessings, You Love and Labor

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Tuesday, November 10th, 2009 | Author:

Arunesh Dogra: palash ka doosra quote kya tha?
Ankit Chadha: ek hi toh tha
Arunesh Dogra: do the 😉
Arunesh Dogra: hum hain mafia killers
Arunesh Dogra: over-quote!
Arunesh Dogra: palash ki biwi ka quote kya hai?
Ankit Chadha: misquote?
Arunesh Dogra: correct
Arunesh Dogra: palash roj subhere kya karta hai?
Arunesh Dogra: chai ke saath…
Ankit Chadha: tying the langot
Arunesh Dogra: bis-quote!
Ankit Chadha: palash jab 1 lakh quotes batayega
Ankit Chadha: toh uss event ko kya bolenge?
Arunesh Dogra: quote-ah sikka?
Ankit Chadha: no
Arunesh Dogra: tell
Ankit Chadha: peti-quote

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