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Saturday, May 23rd, 2009 | Author:

Maggie can’t play drums

for the rest of his life…

Neetu can’t say ‘No’

to tying the knot…

Annie can’t come home

late at night…

Rahul can’t relish

the enticing street food…

and I?… I can’t… just leave it.

Bobby can’t vroom

his bike on the road…

Monica can’t keep

a pup at home…

Ali can’t play with

water in the rain…

Sania can’t pray

the God she likes…

and I?…

I can’t… just leave it.

Radha can’t sing

a song aloud…

Mohit can’t call

his uncle who’s no more…

Prachi can’t wear

shorts to office…

and I?… I can’t… just leave it.

Saturday, February 07th, 2009 | Author:


To whatever there is a beginning
Must there also be an end?
If one does precede
Is the other pre-ordained?

Ceaseless the onslaught
Of the balled fists of Time
How long can I hold on
If you are no longer mine?

Memories keep knocking
Then hammering hard
Then I hear the swishing
Of a thought go past

I avert my eyes
I don’t want to see
You leaving me alone
Why won’t Time let me be?

Walking on the Beach

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Thursday, February 05th, 2009 | Author:

The other day I woke from a slumber.
The world looked a little different….seemed better.
The illusion of reality we lived with had become redundant.
Dividing people to experience power was not necessary any more.
The need to kill today to live tomorrow had gone away.
Politics and religion had returned to being tools of love and peace.
Destroying what has been created was found to be wrong.
The joy of creation had been discovered.
The opportunity to create more than one consumed was available.
The ‘have nots’ finally had enough.
The ‘haves’ realized they had enough, finally.
The ‘us’ had started merging with the ‘them’.
It was easy to see who each one of us really was.
Everyone was lovable and everyone was loved.
The ‘every’ in everyone had begun to become redundant.

Then again the state above was driven by a simple three dimension perspective. We need to be able to distinguish the ‘person’ from the following three dimensions:
1) The stage of evolution that one is in. The lessons learned so far, and the learning that might still be on its way.
2) The environment that one is currently living in. Which covers all things external which often impact the decisions made.
3) The actions that one takes today.
On removing the three dimension above one starts seeing the true being within our self and others. It is a state in which we begin to truly appreciate how wonderful all of us are. That is the beginning of an awakening where the world described above starts moving from theory to practice. Complexity moves to simplicity. Illusions dissolve to show the reality.
Things get even more interesting when you start seeing the fourth dimension – time. With a perspective into time the three dimensions mentioned above can be moved around in your mind such that you can clearly start seeing the future and the past. Then you move from living in a beautiful world to living in many of them at the same time!

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008 | Author:

“My philosophy is mine,
It may not be “right”;
To me it is a sign,
Not visible to sight.

It is a feeling in my heart,
About how life should be;
People need to be apart,
To love, according to me.

People need their space,
And to learn to slow down;
For life isn’t a race,
Around this huge town.

Live life to the most,
And have no fear;
Don’t be afraid to boast,
Or show that tear.

Life will not be the same,
The next time around;
Don’t feel any shame,
You have been found.

This is my life philosophy,
So hitch your wagon upon that star;
I am happy to be me,
Because what you feel is what you are.”

(c) 1999 Camry Alexis

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Friday, December 12th, 2008 | Author:

Idhar udhar woh ghoomati

hansi jab uski goonjati

muskaan kabhi mand si

woh aankhein band band si

jab yun khuli

woh chulbuli

koi geet gungunaa rahi…

woh lunch apna baantati

Piyush ko bhi daantati

Tech team ki saheliyaan

Palash se attkheliyaan

woh dhamki dus taareekh ki

woh baat ek baareek si

baithane se uske, ho jaati cab tang thi

haan magar, poore safar mein ek koel sang thi

woh chunari uski jhoolati

thi baaton ko woh bhoolati

ab yaad sabko aayegi…

kuch iss tarah jisne joda hum sab se rishta hai,

woh aur koi nahi, humaari Sharmistha hai…

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