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Okay, so this is an effort at writing a limerick (in case you cant recognize it as one after reading it). It has been inspired by Microsoft’s “” (how it is any better than Google is beyond me).

Bing is going over my head

And Google has been my butter ‘n bread

The only way to make me unhitch

And get me to make this taxing switch

Is if they’d call it “Bong” instead.

All I’d like to say in my defense is that I have very little time… given a little more, I would be a poet genius (no no not gene-ass).

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  1. You r brilliant… MS lost an opportunity to attract at least 20-30 million bongs in one shot..

  2. 2

    There once was a Bong in Veda
    Who thought no poet was greater
    She Googled all day
    She Binged the night away
    Can’t we please just trade her?

  3. @ Romila

    Do you really think you can tell
    A bad poem from one that’s swell
    Don’t dream of the trade
    And expect to get paid
    Even if you try desperately to sell

  4. 4

    So you think you can tell
    A poem that’s swell
    Good rhymes from bad jokes
    A pat on the back from funny pokes
    So you think you can tell
    And did you exchange your google for bing
    Good rhyme for a fling
    A cherished dream for things

    Ok you get the message and I’m no David Gilmour

  5. @ Romila

    David Gilmour would be turning in his grave (expect that he’s not dead). I used to love that song before you murdered it.

  6. Nice to see some really wonderful poetic comments fight over a poetic post 😀

  7. @ Kuntal – Thanks… just an effort to add some masala into our everyday lives!

  8. 8

    I think Priya and Romila are both brilliant poets/ writers! I am biased and I think it runs in the Family! So impressed!

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