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Do you have eleven thousand rupees? Yes, that’s all it takes to get married to the Bollywood diva, Kareena Kapoor. This, and much more, is being revealed by Delhiites, who have turned into detectives for RJ Nitin of Red FM.

One of the most popular radio jockeys, Nitin is on a roll, digging up some of the darkest secrets of the city through his listeners. People from different parts of Delhi call him while he is on air to report incidents they have encountered. These include exposing the fraudulent babas with posters promising their ability to get you married to actresses for Rs. 11,500. Be it the sale of tobacco to children or chaiwallahs adding addictive substances to the tea sold at roadside stalls, Nitin’s jasoosi has captivated Delhi.

With all the action happening live, Nitin has found many enthu-cutlets in the junta – all set to be actively involved in detecting crimes as serious as stealing of cars. So, he isn’t the nit-wit we thought he was when he was known as Khurafati Nitin. He actually turned out to be quite a witty Nit(in).

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