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Keep me rolling

Rolling on down them hills

Just keep me rolling

I’ve had my share of thrills

I don’t care who you are

Just go ahead or stay away

We don’t race strangers

I don’t care what you say

So go ahead and stare

Me and my bike, we’re outta time,

Moving memories in her engine.

Takes more than your motoring maturity

To understand that previous line

Meanwhile here’s a smile

Obviously you recognize the bike

Maybe your daddy had one

I simply earned mine

It didn’t stop me

Becoming a collector

Of a specific time

Average age increasing

Especially those of my kind

Well kid, I stick my chest out

In pride but all I can see

Is you sticking out your behind

Take it away; take it away

That’s all I can say.

Let’s meet in another five years

And count your parts that rot away

New things are hardly built to last

Unless you know the questions to ask

Another Yezdi will always come my way

But I’d keep just one and buy a Jawa any day

Look! I gotta admit it

I’ve got decades of my life

Now behind this handlebar

My pillion even became my wife

Still everyone wants me to buy a car

Here we go again, staring ahead

Through dust, traffic and rain

I will always defend what I love

Life is Gods maintenance bill

For the heart’s an engine we cannot kill

If you love your bike, it’ll last

Don’t forget; headlights and brakes don’t last

Not my will but Yezdi’s be done

Now excuse me, I gotta run.

— Arunesh

first printed on www.yezdidiaries2.blogspot.com
first printed on www.yezdidiaries2.blogspot.com
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