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Just to heave a sigh of relief, I felt to have a heart to heart talk with you, “will making efforts be the solution to this havoc or there is no help for it?”.

Ever wondered why the shape of our land is very authentic, why it is so elegant than the whole world ? Our national anthem will make you aware about its undisputed origin. The nature had made it to be developed and prospered but, the fellows residing by does not want to stand upon the ceremony and motions those folks to a chair of power who pledges to live up with high expectations, finally disdain your feelings and leave you in gloom. No blind man can be a judge of colors. If we know it well then why often to play fool.

By many means this country is being eroded by many secular folks, not only insurgency but also terrorist attacks, riots and many more has been faced by this country. As the land of wisdom is getting occupied by irrational and indiscreet fellows the shape of land is also getting hostile and loath. As the acquitting people are getting replaced by penalized one, the day is very near when country will no more be announced as the land of honesty and uprightness.

This is a land of peace and power of humanity, the oomph we are using to destroy it, should be placed to protect our land, its brotherhood and to regain the value of politics which has been turned to a lucrative profession now a days.

If still the blue stockings of the country does not want to rise up for it, there is no help for it.

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    it is true that the geography has been disturbed by the criminal outbursts,but the question here is could “we” being the higher beings of all can prohibit our “land” to get disturbed from human disband?
    i never got this question”s answer, maybe you can help me find it….

  2. 2

    Nice thot…. but everybody says so bt its easy to say n difficlt to implement…

  3. 3
    Piyush Nigam 

    god has always proposed and some people have always disposed it and some have always supported it.
    The phenomena is not new, and there will always be people on either side maintaining the balance…all we have to do is pick our side and stay on it.

  4. 4

    But what about those block heads who have already chosen their sides but doing not only procrastination and also injustice to their profession(Politics).
    If we all will think about sweeping our own door only then who will stand for this wide spread disorder?

  5. 5

    Good one lol keep it up!

  6. 6

    Hi Khushi,

    I really like your blog. In fact, I’ll wait breathlessly for the next post to come out from your magical hands.

    Very Nice as well as touchy post……….keep it up

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