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April 23, 2009. Match #10 of IPL 2009 – Kolkata Knight Riders vs Rajasthan Royals. Tie. Who will bowl the Super Over? Warne goes ahead and gives the ball to Kamran Khan, a fast bowler with no international cricket experience. As young Kamran bowled, I started identifying with him. And, I realized that Priya has been like Shane Warne to the Content Team.

Shane Warne is the greatest cricketer I have ever watched. This respect stems from the faith he shows in his team and his team mates show in him, thereby delivering excellent performance as a team. Over two years, I have seen writers showing the same kind of faith in Priya. We believe that we, as writers, and our articles are in safe hands.

Both Warne and Priya are masters of difficult arts. Spin bowling and financial content are not something that anybody can execute with perfection. They know about the pitch so well, that it shows in the accuracy of what they deliver. They are incredible in what they do. While one has the ability to turn the ball more than the wicket allows, the other has the rare quality of knowing more than what clients actually tell.

It is said that Warne invented a style of bowling – something that was his original style. Of what I have learned about content writing from Priya, if we just spin the content, adding our own understanding to it can take content to the level of originality. The best example, of course, is her extraordinary article on fixed income bonds, which she linked to James Bond movies.

I belong to a generation that has grown up watching Shane Warne. Unfortunately, the next generation will not see much of Warnie’s magic tricks on the field. Similarly, at Veda, I belong to the generation of writers who have grown in Priya’s custody. People like Ranjit and I believe that the next generation of writers won’t be as lucky as us, since Priya will become less and less available for training and answering queries.

Here’s hoping that their journey towards perfection continues and they keep spreading what they have gained, while learning the ultimate lesson of sharing.

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    I completely agree with Ankit and feel myself blessed for having joined Veda at a time when Priya could afford me more time than anyone else in the team. I made her angry…I made her get irritate…but when I finally managed to make her smile it was like a blessing in disguise…It happened only b’coz she had shown so much faith in me when I’d laid my arms and told her “Priya its too difficult …I cant do this”… Politely came her words, “Don’t worry, I’ll help you learn. I know you can do this.” In my school and college days I could not find the real guru in any of my teachers…b’coz they only used to do their job…and throw students out of the classroom on failing in the class test…But Priya took it as a challenge and has changed not only me as a person but my life…I have become much more confident than before and I’m sure the method of teaching and learning that I have learned from Priya will help grow in every sphere of my life…
    Thank you Priya for being there when I needed you the most….
    Ankit I really thank you for giving me an opportunity for putting my thoughts otherwise it would not have occurred to me to write this.

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    Romila Sundaresan 

    I have 2 things to say, ok 3:

    1. Shane Warne is the best cricketer – besharam, behaya – what about all our stars – Tendulkar, MSD….
    2. Priya is more like Shame Worn not Shane Warne
    3. Maska lagane se prize milta hai toh wait for my post….

  3. 3
    Piyush Nigam 

    Priya does inspire us by just being herself. There are times when people tell me I am working too hard and all I think is ‘still trying to reach the standard that Priya has set’. And then there is the passion to overcome the difficult that Priya practices everyday which if all of us did once a week we could change the world! A lot of us have a large list of things that come easy to us and we typically stick to that list in our day to day activities – on the other hand there are very few things that Priya does that are easy for her to do but not only will she make them happen but she will also put in the effort to make it happen well.
    I am hopeful that everyone on the team continues to get a little bit of her, every now and then, no matter how much we grow as a team.

  4. I am so touched by the post and the comments that I dont know what to say… Should I mention that I cried when I read the post and the comments or should I keep that a well guarded secret?

    @ankit: The most touching part of the post was thoughts about being in “in Priya’s custody” and feeling “safe.” All I can say is that I think of this as “MY” team. So, anything that is mine, I have the responsibility of keeping it safe na?

    @ranjit: Thank you so much… I will always cherish your words. I have learned a lot from you too.

    @piyush: I guess the quality of time invested counts more than quantity. In the quality department, YOU set the standards.

    People will always keep getting a little bit of me… directly or indirectly through people like ankit and ranjit. The baton is now in your hands… and both of you are doing brilliantly at carrying it 🙂

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