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Happy Birthday VEranDA! Happy Birthday VEranDA! Happy Birthday dear VEranDA, Happy Birthday to you! Many more posts on you! Many more hits to you! Many more readers and listeners! Happy birthday to you!

While I write the blog’s post number 131, I am grinning as I recall the day we came up with the idea. In one of those exciting team meetings, people expressed the desire to create their own space online to chat about things beyond work. We chose the loveliest name in the world. No wonder, it had already been taken by somebody at Blogger and other major blogging sites. Then, Big Boss (no, don’t link this one to Rakhi Sawant or her mother) suggested to run it on our own server. Yes, VEranDA is proudly powered by Veda Informatics. I love that signature at the bottom of the page.

It is amazing to see how newcomers in the team find VEranDA as a place where they get to know more about the team and get accustomed with the culture of the organization. This encourages them to contribute to the blog and express what they feel.

Personally, the blog is very close to my heart. Many members on the team have their own blogs and even I was suggested to have one of my own. But then, whenever I wanted to say something, VEranDA was always there.

The look of the site is adorable. You log on it and feel this is “our own” blog. Nothing left to be desired. As all of us celebrate the anniversary, I would like to appreciate a few people for their commendable contribution towards the success of VEranDA.

· Palash: Even Dhyanchand did not score as frequently as my brother here published posts on VEranDA. A true blogger.

· Harish: Man with the brilliant idea

· Everybody who responded to my killers

Here, I leave you with my 10 favourite posts on VEranDA:

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  1. 1

    Happy Birthday Veranda… Congratulations to everyone who contributed. That time of the year is slowly approaching when we will again have our Blogging contest…

    Hope to see a lot more participation this time…

  2. 2

    YaY, happy birthday. I forgot- very bad in remembering birthdays. I remember how this seed has grown to a young and beautiful tree. It has it branches which delimits boundaries. It will be taken care by this enthusiastic team. I wish more people participate in various forms.
    @Harish- We are eagerly waiting for the blogging contest to begin. With new members in this team, I am sure defending champion Vikram will be given a tough fight..

    I promise this time will be a spicy one…

  3. Thanks, Ankit. A very well written post, conjuring up warmth and love for a team called Veda. I remember the enthusiasm with which this blog was created and since then we have shared hope, issues, jokes and more.

    Confession: Whenever I see a great post like this (well conceptualized, good flow, etc), I feel very proud… not of the writer, but of the SrQAMs… I feel as though Swapna has been the sunshine, Romila the water and I the silt that has gone into nurturing the writer… is that being too conceited? I don’t know… maybe it’s the feeling that parents get when their kids excel. 🙂

    Three cheers to VEranDA! Let’s party tomorrow 🙂

  4. 4

    Hey Ankit,
    Thanks for reminding us to wish Happy Birthday to Veranda. Its amazing how time flies and how Veranda has grown and taught us more about ourselves than we’d known before.

    The space at Veranda is sacred, lively and fun filled because we meet here in this virtual space to share so much about our thoughts and perspectives. When we blow the candle and make a wish, let it be for more and more good times and articles to reach Veranda.

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