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Harry Potter - The Half Blood Prince

Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince

The waiting of over a year culminated in my being able to get tickets for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince tonight – the first day it was released. The hours were difficult to pass and the day seemed to stretch unnaturally, keeping me away from one of the few things I am passionate about. Needless to say, when the movie started, I was all ready to stand up and hoot and clap. But I stopped soon enough. Did they say this movie was based on JK Rowling’s book, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince??? Ok, I agree, some of the characters were taken from the book but not the story. Being the generous person I am, I will agree to accept that the screenplay was loosely inspired by a dream the writers might have had after reading JK Rowling’s book.

The parts that make the book intriguing, the crucial aspects that all tie up together to form the last book, the experiences that made the Half Blood Prince who he was, everything was foregone to make a story that was full of computer gimmicks for children.

Don’t they realise that most of the audience would be of people who have read the book and have pictured the story in their minds and want to see how their own vision would be translated on screen? Let me give you a small example without giving away the story for those who haven’t read the book – a quiet Christmas at The Burrow was turned into a fight for one’s very life as half the Death Eaters turned up and burned the house down!!!! Why? How did that help the story except to showcase the prowess of the graphics team?

OK I get it now – the movie should have been called Harry Potter and the Half Trained Geeks – an advertisement on how far Britain has come when it comes to animation. It isn’t as though Daniel Radcliffe has finally taken acting classes and breaks into an expression at least in an odd scene here and there. So it couldn’t be about Harry Potter.

In short, I am appalled and amazed that JK Rowling would give her blessings to this movie and not take them to court. I want to. But then, I suppose, she doesn’t want her next book to be Harry Potter and the Half Paid Bills.

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  1. Doesn’t JK Rowling have a say in what they did to the book? Or does the money take care of that?

  2. Reviews are same everywhere that they have deviated from the story completely. I still have to experience it myself.

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    Arrey they have changed even inconsequential stuff that I couldn’t see the relevance of – for instance a small dialogue (I’ve read the book so many times I know if off by heart) – Slughorn says, “What gave it away?” In the book, Dumbledore says, “There was no Dark Mark.” In the movie, Dumbledore says, “Dragon Blood.” To me, saying that it was the Dark Mark immediately sets the climate for the movie because it is about the fear that is spreading among the people. How did making it Dragon’s Blood help???

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    Harry Potter who?

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    @Romila: I haven’t seen the film yet coz I wanted to read the book first. I think I will just stick to reading the book and skip the movie a.k.a. half baked lies.

    @Priya: Usually, when book rights are bought at staggering prices from the author to make into a movie, the author’s chances of having a say are cut and the price is agreed and paid. Thats how it is in the Indian publishing scene, don’t know if its radically different in UK.

    @Palash: R u serious?

  7. 7

    Swapna, unfortunately true

  8. 8

    Do not worry Palash, we will find it together.

  9. 9

    Palash and Vikram, keep us posted when you two find out.

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    very nice article, I have been trying to look for this. Thanks!

  11. 11

    Thank Isabella. It’s great to get a comment and have people read the article so long after it was written. 🙂

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