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The magic of the printed word remains and restores an everlasting impression in human mind. The objective of advertisement has perhaps grown from handing out bills and now to evolve to space advertisement. Despite the internet flooding the cyberspace with information, the Google boss Eric Schmidt confirms that the Internet is a “cesspool” where untrue information thrives. It is not that the print is devoid of such practice but why do I bank on the print. Let me express!

“Conscience advertisers know where to advertise.” Said by P K Hui. Here is my catch, the first known advertisement is known to be appeared in England in 1622 and the Ad spoke of for a return of a stolen horse. The ancient Greeks, Egyptians and Romans used papyrus to advertise ideas. The advent of the printing age truly arrived in the 15th and the 16th century and according to reports in the US along at least half a Trillion dollars will be used by the advertising sector.

But aren’t there are other options? Yes, certainly there are TV stations are mushrooming, in the radio sector lost love has renewed again and lastly the internet. The webspace has created an unending space and niche for itself. “Every media has its own space and market value. TV cannot replace that traditional mode of communication. An ardent supporter of the print media, PK Hui goes on, “Visual media is a flattery image. Inducing trial involved in launching product or concept will face challenge from a large number of competitive brands. Thus to introduce trials of the product highlighting special features/ concept print medium is taken into account. TV can always come as a supporting vehicle.”

The market is shrieked, segmented, specialised differentiated. He says, “Not all are buyers. Newspapers, magazines can inform and have a tendency to influence readers or opinion makers. An advertiser can also identify where exactly his message is going and to what extent, reach and impact it can create.”

The print provides you a flexibility to change and modify the message and select your favourable vehicle per sé. The Indian media advertising market is till date dominated by the print media with a healthy 47% market share followed by TV, radio and the internet market. Viewer is the king, a viewer tends to skip the channel during breaks (unless there are really catchy Ad’s). The print media is and will remain as the primary source of information. Therefore for getting a product known at least one needs to slot more than once in the TV domain, which is expensive. It can cost you a bomb. Nevertheless, I still believe that every domain has it’s own space and if not, the content and the editorial team will create a niche of its own. A good editorial standard makes the job of the marketing/advertising team easier actually.

The print is being read by the educated, opinion and decision makers of the society. Hence, choosing the right vehicle to launch a product is very important. The TV does not allow a person to think and the internet allows a person to navigate at the drop of the hat.

The trials involved in launching a product or concept is bound to face competition from a number of upcoming or established brands. Thus to induce trials of the product highlighting special features/ concepts the print is definitely taken into consideration. The TV can always come as a supporting media.

I do miss something if I don’t browse a paper hen I start my day. There is a vacuum which the TV cannot fill somehow.

The market is shrinked, segmented, specialised and differentiated. So, choosing your vehicles (Print) becomes vital. A friend candidly says, “Not every reader is a buyer. Newspapers, periodicals and magazines can inform readers. An advertiser can also identify where exactly his Ad going. He has the numbers (newspaper circulation figure) and definitely his target market.” Newspapers and magazines provide you a high level of flexibility and an option to select. Paper Ad’s (it’s message) can be modified, changed, condensed or expanded at a very short notice. The prominence of the print media has increased with time, even during this globally recessionary period an increased reliability of information has infact grown. Please check the box below.

· The Indian print advertisement industry is worth Rs 20717 crore

· It has major share- 47%, TV- 41%

· In fiscal year 2008 the radio industry grew by 38% at 62%, a 68% rise from the previous year

· The dark horse- Rs 363 Crore spent on the internet (45% growth)

There is a common saying – Seeing is believing. A typical psychological process goes when you feel a paper and believe in writings. There was a feeling at the advent of the internet and the enormous growth of the TV that the print will loose its sheen. But it is also true that as long as people are taking birth, going to schools and aware, print will never be out of fashion. It will remain. That is why I bank on the print.


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  1. Good writing. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed my Google News Reader..

    Matt Hanson

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    Thanks Matt!!

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    dear writer,
    it is very true that the print has been like the “old grand gramophone” of our nation,but is nt it us who r relevating nmediums such as the internet ,the radio ourselves leaving the print to be decicaded,
    not to challenge your conviction but still, your article is on the internet not on the print….
    again ,well compiled,bravo

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    Thank You Pakhi

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