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Satyam down, Lot of big names getting Bankcrupt, Jobs no more in Market, cost of homes too high, high cost of living. Everyone blaming everyone else. What’s the root cause? Let’s think why it happened –

  1. As shoppers, we look for the cheap and best product.
    As sellers, we look for the best price for it (we are too happy if we sell it at higher price).
  2. As Employees (Software Engineers) we look for higher pays, promotion and Onsite opportunities.
    As Employers (Project Managers) we look for getting things done at lesser price.
  3. When we get profit in shares we are Happy without thinking that we’ll be on the receiving end some day.
    When our share prices go down we are Sad without realizing we were at the other end the other day.
  4. We blame Politicians for not doing good and spoiling our Country.
    We don’t resist them if they do anything good if it’s for our Caste/creed/sex/religion. We don’t even vote forget about contesting an Election.
  5. We are ready to pay anything for our Entertainment filling the pockets of Film stars, etc. If anything happens to them it’s a Breaking News. We cheer their punched on Enemies.
    We do not pay or donate money to Army personals who sacrifice their lives. We don’t even come to know how many bullets they fired to save us or how many have they taken on themselves.
  6. We fight on minor issues ‘coz of Ego. We want our voices to be heard.
    We don’t want to hear what others are saying.
  7. We are happy because all the work is coming to India and we are getting paid without realizing that we have snatched away someone’s job in US or elsewhere.
    We say it’s bad if outsourcing is stopped. We crib when we are thrown out of the Office. We don’t realize it came to us for profit and will go if they get the profits more by getting the work done from somewhere else.
  8. When we are sad and disappointed we pray to God.
    When we are happy we don’t remember him.

Clearly we never think about someone else. We always think about us/ourselves. There’s an “I” everywhere. Think of the time 10 years back. It was Peaceful. Today we neither want to stay quiet and calm nor did we let others do the same. Clearly, either we all start thinking about Humanity or stop blaming others for our Sufferings. Not intended to hurt anyone or Pravachan. It’s the thought which came to my mind and I wrote it here. Thanks for your Patience to go through it.

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  1. 1
    Praveen Kumar 

    Very good Rupali. Keep it up.

  2. 2

    Hey Rupali, those are interesting thoughts about ego, Army personnel, and human nature. Waiting to read more from you on Monday. Keep up the interesting thoughts and share them with us.

  3. Rupali… Its this straight forward style of yours that we all really like. Keep it up..

  4. Nicely written Rupali, 🙂
    Generally I don’t stick to any post more than a minute or read it word by word, but this one is one of those rare ones … !

    However Our VEranDA ‘ve got some other such posts as well !

  5. 5
    Piyush Nigam 

    Hi Rupali,
    Impressed with your recent leanings expressed here. The only addition i would make is that it is pobably not so much of human ‘nature’ it is probably more of the current human ‘culture’ – which is evolving…..hopefully for the better

  6. 6
    Varun Gupta 

    Nicely written! Will love to read more from you :).
    In my personal opinion it should always be about “I”. It’s a competitive market out there so, one should and has to think about him/herself everywhere. There is an old saying “Survival of the fittest”, it still holds true.
    In the end, you as a seller or buyer, employee or an employer have to do what you’ve got to do and to the best of your ability otherwise the world will move on and you will be left behind with someone else eating the cake you should have eaten.
    A part of this is human nature which is being directed by our culture as Mr. Piyush said.

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