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International Anti-Corruption Day- 9 December

When I think about Corruption in India (check the links), I think of a friend, S Jolly his name, who was so pessimist that corruption in India cannot be eradicated. He accepted that corruption is the cancer, but also believed that this is inseparable from the system. The corruption is all-invasive, systematic and ubiquitous. The MOST corrupt people in India come under different spheres the politics, military, religious institutions, NGO’s, everywhere. Cash is the oxygen where corruption thrives.

The top performers

  • Lawyers/ judges
  • IT officials
  • Excise officers
  • Attenders and Nurses
  • Customs
  • Police
  • Government clerks
  • Anti corruption officials
  • Municipal officers

You’ve got money, you get education, fake degrees, and the police will encounter innocent people and hide their inabilities. Under the table syndrome is so popular and apparently it has turned into regular practice. I am sharing a personal story with you. Just today came to know that my aunt cannot sell her legitimate property without the order/permission of local goons. The goons read local politicians and real estate middle men have stated a simple dictate. Give them 30% of the total deal or sell the property to them (their price). Atrocious!

FYI Kerala has the highest literacy rate in India and according to the Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) it also happens to be the least corrupt state in India. Will this imply that education has the capacity to remove corruption? Not necessary, because educate people are also corrupt.

I believe that transparency in the system can remove this cancer. India needs really good, capable and educated leadership in India. India needs dedicated foot soldiers. India needs their basic requirements completed food, shelter and jobs. We cannot think of a ‘corrupt-less’ society with hungry stomachs and mind. A corporate campaign by Tata is noble thought….What do you say?

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  1. 1

    two departments majorly into corruption have not been mentioned:

    Education: All the donation ka chakkar (WTF is it)
    Health: Medical representatives, for example

  2. 2

    Yes, education was HUGELY missed and the virus inside this sector. I am also mentioning certain government teachers especially mofusill and urban/semi urban areas who refuse to go and teach students and encourage tutions. I am digressing, I know, but somehow this particular so-what practice also contains germs of corrupt mind.

    MR’s- I personally know one who- in a bid to promote his corporation can supply anything, anything @$~*# for that matter..

  3. 3

    I am from Kerala .It is wrong to say that corruption is not here. It is well planed and camouflaged. I am the former general manager of a big Govt owned Company. I am a victim for not being a party to executive a project of 300 cores INR illegally. The king pin is the minister himself with the backing of 2 senior I.A.S Officers. Now that project is being implemented flouting all the rules and regulations . I have all the documents to prove it. But nobody to back me. If there is any help I am ready to take it up

  4. Hello Mr Gangadharan, thanking you for your thoughts around and the mental state you are in. We just do not intend to be desktop warriors but bring thoughts into action in real life as well. My suggestion, speak up through the right direction and you never know when your voice is heard. Fortunately, we are moving towards a more transparent system (at least hoping), nevertheless easy to say than done. “In order for a war to be just, three things are necessary. First, the authority of the sovereign. Secondly, a just cause. Thirdly, a rightful intention.” someone says. You have the true intention, i believe. Also visit our site, you may find what you are looking for long. Cheers!!

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