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The world waits in tense anticipation over a matrimonial controversy over a rather low-seeded tennis player from India.

We would like to suggest that any international level sports player is actually national property.

In keeping with our philosophy of democracy, liberty and ‘free-for-all’ we would like to see a national election to select who shall marry this poor girl.

Without further ado (after all we are not a TV news channel and cannot sink to those depths) we would like to announce our list of nominated bridegrooms for Sania:

Vindu Daara Singh
Why? “Desh ka aadmi hoon.” Ya, and at least his first marriage was not telephonic.

Vijay Mallya & Son(s)
Becoz “Oo la la la la Oole Oh” is anyday better than “Un dos tres Aa le aa le aa le”

Rahul Gandhi
Congress ka haath aam aadmi ke saath. Expansion plans require a forehand.

Shiney Ahuja
The only thing is Sania ko ghar ka kaam khud karna padega.

Raghu ‘Roadies’ Ram
Tell us if you figure out why.

Of course, if you are an Indian citizen above the age of 21-love, feel free to contest the election. Also, junta feeling that a worthy person is missing from the list can propose and second their nomination letters.

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    Bappi Lahiri…..lots of jewelry and bling for the rest of her life..

  2. 2

    Kamal Khan also. He has big house in Dubai…………………….

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