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We have been noticing a rapid rise in the graph of literacy rate, but it is a fact that corruption, terrorism and crimes have also increased with the same rate or probably higher. It is generally believed that an educated man has more intellectual power and he is ethically better than a layman. But then isn’t it strange that a place having a large number of literate people has equal number of evils too. Yes this is where our modern education fails. Our modern education system has produced a vast population able to read but unable to distinguish what is worth reading.

If we don’t know the value and ethics of life then what’s the use of collecting degrees. You will be surprised to know that most of the criminals, chain-snatchers etc. are highly educated. Another example which i would like to tell you is an incident where four graduates took away the life of that woman who gave them life and the reason was a mere superstition. They believed that some wicked power was inside their mother’s body. How deplorable it is! Despite having good qualification, they were not literate enough to distinguish between right and wrong. It is definitely the fault of our modern education system that we only get bookish knowledge. As a formality, value education, environmental studies etc. are being included in our syllabus but we all know neither the teachers nor the students take interest in these subjects.

All these statements are sufficient enough to put a big question mark on our modern education and by the way, we are debating this topic itself shows that education is lacking its value in some or the other way. In the end, I just want to repeat the words of Adam Cooper, “You don’t need any highbrows traditions or money to really learn, you just need people with the desire to better themselves.

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    Well, schooling is not education. Education is about life.
    Like Mark Twain said, “Never let school interfere with your education.”

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    Maheswaran Gnanaprakasam 

    Dear Rubina,

    The ultimate result of education is said to be tolerance. Since it is difficult to find, you can assume that more and more people are able to read now. Anyways as Aristotle believes that education is the best provision for old age, start invest in.

    Note: I used to be a better man, education spoiled me. Do not ask me how.

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    a very honest post..i really second what u say….its so true that true pedagogy has been reduced to a scamper for some papers and certificates, which just say that one can read and write but it doesnt say whether one can necessarily THINK or not?
    In fact in the process, lethal egos have cropped up and have undone the whole process of learning which adjures to learn from anyone at any time…with inflated egos and piece of paper educated people might wrongly believe themselves to be aware and thats detrimental to their own growth..

    all in all my vote is for ur post..:-) but i dont know whether it counts now or not 🙂

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    very well written..leaves us to ponder over the tradeoff between education and literacy in the era of globalization….

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    dats vry true..our education system is just providing bookish knowledge…No values, No morals!!

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    Ankit Arora 

    Remember Thomas Elva Edison….

    Ya ur right… The one who gave us the BULB…. Can u imagine a life without light now!!!! I suppose not….

    He had never gone to school or any college what-so-ever… But then too he gave us this great invention. Think of the place we have been the past four years and may be even before that for 16 years…. Has any of these places provided us with any of these things wherein we can outrage the society with some thing more useful than just mere knowledge of having a degree in our hands….

    But then I would also not blame the education system for it… It is forr ourselves to do this… Right???

    The same thing applies for the moral values one talks about… It is always ones own mind that makes him / her think the way he / she is gonna spend the rest of there life. Education system does not teach u to be a good citizen or inculcate any other such value, it is ones own duty to analyze oneself for this and get going…..

    But still I appreciate the fact of the point that the education system is responsible for this….

  7. The presence of education itself makes the search for our origin dependent on destroying artefacts that compromise the outcome of any true understanding about society. The current state of western reality is propagating thru the manipulated information architecture evolving. How did I surfed into cyberspace, community mechanisms, webdesigning, reading, hacking, ranting…, doing self education. Secret, because I’m affraid… …this is leading to.

    Nothing improves the consciousness more than the inner confrontation of opposites. Our body is one of the evolutionary mechanisms that applies to the formation of our thoughts, mind and the self, which on the elementary level doesn’t seem to fit in with all preoccupied nonsence of western parasitism. That’s what modern education brings to us.

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    shilpi bishnoi 

    agreed.most of d ppl involved in criminal activities are well educated ppl.the reason for the same is just d lack of moral education.

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