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More than 25 dead Olive Ridley turtles were sighted near Prayagi and Arjipalli this week. One of the main reasons for their untimely deaths has been attributed to an oil spill from a ship near Gopalpur port, Orissa. Over seven thousand litres of commercial oil had spilt from the MV Malabika an Essar-owned vessel on Tuesday evening. Worse, that there has been no official word of the vessel owners.
To begin with, the Olive Ridley’s are one of rarest species and are endangered ones and also listed in the US Endangered Species Act.

An Olive Ridley turtle near Orissa
An Olive Ridley turtle near Orissa

We are fortunate that in India, we have an opportunity to nurture them. According to trusted sources over 1,50,000 Olive Turtles were either killed in the last one decade. These poor creatures are either killed for their meat, skin or their shell. All of us, should take responsibilities of our actions. The organization in question is the entity owning that vessel. If the reported incident and the people responsible for the mishap is true then I fear that the consequences are far more frightening. The spill can cause cutaneous toxic reactions and extreme suffocation for the marine turtles. Some marine scientists have also slated that the planktons and smaller sea animals near the beach will be affected through the spill.

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