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Learn’t from the papers that the North Korea or as they would like to call themselves the DPRK threatened to wage a “sacred war” against the imperialist US and its so called the “puppet force” and a distant cousin. Saw a great AFP photo where a North Korean soldier peeps through the window trying to make out what Hillary Clinton might be saying at the demilitarised zone (DMZ) or what her husband and former US president Bill Clinton called “the world’s most scariest place.” Tipped as the world’s most secretive diplomatic zone where every action is watched and every “comment” analysed.

I wonder how will one of the and off course world’s very few centrally planned economy and it’s people will be able to achieve amid of sanctions (past and upcoming). It is despite the fact that the North Korean economy did well in comparison to its capitalist neighbor South Korea. As the Chinese manufacturing companies spread deep inside the Western world, the government’s open support to the North Korean regime is no secret at all. The Chinese finds a strong ally in it’s North-East region. Now how much is the Chinese economic and military support to the Dictator regime will only be clear in the next 2 weeks or months. In wake of the US-S.Korea joint naval exercise on the Sea of Japan, this time it could be worser than the 1950-53 Korean war. A slight mis-judgement can risk lives of 10’s of million people in Seoul and Kim Jong-2’s comrades do have the muscle indeed.

In the past six months there have been cautious exchanges of peace process from both the ends, sans the North Korea alter their nuclear programme. Lifting UN sanctions against North Korea should be talked as the world should be a freer and a better place. While there should be no harm in the naval exercise which the US and South Korea are starting today i:e 25th July, the six-party talks (which hasn’t happened since Dec – 2008) should resume with constructive agendas in mind.

As the economy sighs a better breath worldwide, it’s no time for animosity instead bringing back meaningful diplomacy right back in place and if it wasn’t then reinstate .

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har nayi cheez ke baare mein
woh bachchon si dilchaspi
aur badon sa pyar dikhaake
kandhe par dena thappi

bade bade sapnon ko lekar
chchoti khushiyaan jeena
woh akhbaar ke safhe palat kar
maze se cigarette peena

uss hansi mein shauk hai
shauk hanste rehne ka
un baaton mein jo bhi ho
shukriya unhe kehne ka

kisi ke roomie, kisi se baangla,
har rishta inka anokha
Sab se Love, mujh se **x
par kisi ko na de dhokha

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Once upon a time, I decided to shoot how seriously people work in a company named Veda Informatics. We wanted to shoot people’s focus towards their work, how they met deadlines and how they adhered to the age old theorem which says Work is God. However, the video became a goof up as we could not find any serious stuff, however, wat we did find was one of the most important truth of professional life. We named this journey as In Search of Some Serious Stuff.

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Hurting religious sentiments is certainly is an unpardonable act especially when it comes to poisoning young children’s minds. So, here is that all started. After airing the 200th episode of Comedy central’s South Park, a warning was posted on an Islamic website telling Tery Parker and Matt Stone(Show Creators) to stop their portrayals of the Prophet Mohammad (where Mohammed appeared in a bear guise) or they would face some serious consequences down the line.

Therefore in 201st episode ,there were useless beeps throughout the episode. Whenever a character referred to Muhammad he got bleeped out. It is believed that it was Comedy Central’s way of showing how ridiculous this whole thing is.

It is believed that “EVERYBODY DRAW MOHAMMAD DAY” is the public reaction against radical Islamists who warned the show creators of death consequences.

A drawing from FB event page
A drawing from FB event page

The Muslims around the world got outraged by the move and therefore demanded a ban on the event fueled by the popular networking site facebook. It is alleged by the by and large Muslims populace that FB had reservations against the minority. They have reasons for it, the anti-holocaust page was removed within 20 minutes of reporting whereas the anti-Muhammad event page still persisted and moreover garnered popularity by leaps and bounds.  Not to forget that the David Headley is an accomplice, who had rock solid plans to eliminate the Danish cartoonist.

These chain of events have eventually led to banning/restricting modes of communication which in Pakistan is anyway limited. The world’s most popular sites i.e Twitter, FB and YouTube all are now under Pakistani government’s scanner.

We all know position ,the Prophet Mohammad acquires in Islam . Sketches, paintings or any other visual of Prophet Mohammad are considered to be act of blasphemy by Muslims. First, someone makes an offensive program and when the Muslims around the world protest against it then such kind of “event” is promoted on FB to take revenge. What if the same thing would have happened to your religion? There were had PILs filed , when Cricketer harbhajan singh and actress mona singh danced in a reality show by playing the character of Ravan & Sita respectively. Many Hindu groups protested against M.F Husain over nude paintings of Hindu Deities and mother India. No one has got the right to hurt any religious sentiments under the “Right of speech & Expression”.


Ayush is a student of Amity and pursuing his summer internship with Veda Informatics

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Just few days back I came across this wonderful story from Mahabharata; this story was told by Bhishma to Yudhishtira. This story is an example of amazing loyalty and compassion which we find missing in today’s world. I was not able to find anything to write for blogging contest this time but when I read this story I thought of sharing this with everyone in Veda Family. Here the story goes….

Long time ago in a forest near Kasi (known as Varanasi now) lived a giant tree.  Its branches were spread for miles around. This gaint tree gave shelter to many birds and animals like monkeys, squirrels etc. All types of birds had nests on this tree. Even snakes and lizards crawled beneath the tree seeking shade in hot days. All these living creatures were secure and happy under this tree. One day a hunter launched a poisoned arrow into trunk of tree while chasing its prey. Due to the harmful effects of the poison the leaves started falling from the tree and the branches started to tremor. All the inhabitants of the tree started running away from tree after they recognized the trouble. There was just one parrot who refused to leave the tree- its shelter in such condition. Everyone tried to persuade him to leave for his well being but he was just not ready to leave his home.

God was amazed by such conduct; he was surprised that how such a small creature can have such traits when humans don’t have it. He appeared in front of bird in guise of a priest and advised it to leave the tree.  He asked the bird that there are many other trees in the forest that are laden with green leaves and fruits then why you don’t want to leave this tree and go to one of them. The bird replied:  This is the place where I was born, here in this tree I gained all the good traits of my character and here I took shelter from all my enemies and natural hazards. Should I now abandon the one who has always been my support?  The Vedas themselves teach –Matr Devo Bhav, Pitr Devo Bhav, guru devo bhav (means honor your mother, father and guru like God). This tree has been all to me. Should I abandon it now?  Pleased by the bird’s conduct God revealed his identity and offered the parrot a wish. The parrot pleaded the God to save the tree; God saved the tree by showering nectar on it. The tree was saved just because of a small bird because that bird had sense of gratitude towards its benefactor.

This story teaches us to always be loyal to those who have offered shelter to us and who has been our support in bad times. We should never forget the people who have been compassionate towards us. If we are unable to see God in one who has been our help then we can-not see God anywhere. Whatever virtues, qualities we may have but without loyalty and compassion they are worthless. Being ungrateful is the worst thing that one can ever do.

The prime cause behind sharing this story with all of you is Veda. Through this story I wanted to give a message that I would have not been able to give otherwise.  By the God’s grace Veda is in no such state, instead we have started our journey towards a bigger goal and we all know that the path to that goal is not going to be a piece of cake. There will be ups and downs for sure. What I expect from all of us to have loyalty and compassion that a little bird had shown towards the tree. Veda has always been shelter to fresh talent and welcomed it with open arms. Most of the people who are currently part of Veda family; had joined here as a fresher. When the world was not ready to accept us and give a chance to our talent, Veda did. We have gained all our knowledge and experience from this place and now is the time to hold our hands together and support our own nest. Whatever we are today worth of that’s all because of this wonderful company and now it’s our chance to give something back to it by supporting it up with our knowledge, experience and hard work.  I believe that all of us feel the same but still I wanted to say this to everyone at Veda. I have full faith that we will fare through this very well and will become a much more successful company tomorrow. Today we are proud of this company which is an integral part of our lives and tomorrow also when we will look back I am sure we will be prouder.

The greater the loyalty of a group towards the group, the greater is the motivation among the members to achieve the goals of the group, and the greater the probability that the group will achieve its goals.”

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April 23, 2009. Match #10 of IPL 2009 – Kolkata Knight Riders vs Rajasthan Royals. Tie. Who will bowl the Super Over? Warne goes ahead and gives the ball to Kamran Khan, a fast bowler with no international cricket experience. As young Kamran bowled, I started identifying with him. And, I realized that Priya has been like Shane Warne to the Content Team.

Shane Warne is the greatest cricketer I have ever watched. This respect stems from the faith he shows in his team and his team mates show in him, thereby delivering excellent performance as a team. Over two years, I have seen writers showing the same kind of faith in Priya. We believe that we, as writers, and our articles are in safe hands.

Both Warne and Priya are masters of difficult arts. Spin bowling and financial content are not something that anybody can execute with perfection. They know about the pitch so well, that it shows in the accuracy of what they deliver. They are incredible in what they do. While one has the ability to turn the ball more than the wicket allows, the other has the rare quality of knowing more than what clients actually tell.

It is said that Warne invented a style of bowling – something that was his original style. Of what I have learned about content writing from Priya, if we just spin the content, adding our own understanding to it can take content to the level of originality. The best example, of course, is her extraordinary article on fixed income bonds, which she linked to James Bond movies.

I belong to a generation that has grown up watching Shane Warne. Unfortunately, the next generation will not see much of Warnie’s magic tricks on the field. Similarly, at Veda, I belong to the generation of writers who have grown in Priya’s custody. People like Ranjit and I believe that the next generation of writers won’t be as lucky as us, since Priya will become less and less available for training and answering queries.

Here’s hoping that their journey towards perfection continues and they keep spreading what they have gained, while learning the ultimate lesson of sharing.

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NEWS : Now Entertainment With Special-effects

“The characters in this blog are fictitious and any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.”

Aliens do not drink cow’s milk but they use it to prepare tea and coffee when they are tired. After traveling from such a long distance to Earth anyone would feel tired. Let’s talk to Hrithik Roshan to ask Jadoo to recommend them a Georgia coffee machine so that our cows are safer.

Please dial MTNL toll free number 1504 to suggest him some ideas to elude cold. I called on this number and told him that it is just because of your height, i suggested him to not to stand tall as air on higher altitude is rare and temperature in substantially low.

Correspondent: Ab aap chhajje se kood chuki hain, aap ko kaisa mehsoos ho raha hai?
Billi: In sawalo ki hata aur pehle ye bata ki dhakka kisne maara tha?
Correspondent: Aap 6 ghante se waha fasi rahi aapko darr nahi laga?
Billi: Ye mere roj ka kaam hai jiska tum logo ne tamasha bana diya.
Correspondent: Kya aap janti hain poora desh aapko Billo Rani bula raha hai?
Billi: Lagta hai ab Bipasha ke pet pe laat padne wali hai 😉 ….
Correspondent: Ye thi hamari apni Billo Rani jo 6ghante tak chhajje me fase rehne ke baad kood padee…. 26 January ko inhe bahaduri medal se sammanit kiya jayega. Cameraman Vinod ke sath mai Deepak Rangrasia, Akaal Tak.

Abhi abhi hamare vishwasneeya sutron se pata chala hai ki Commissioner sahab bhi  kutte ke sath lapata ho gaye hain. Unki wife ko abhi abhi Shashtri Nagar police station me jate huye dekha gaya hai:

Wife: I lost my Husband
Inspector: What is his height
Wife: I never noticed
Inspector: Slim or healthy
Wife: Not slim can be healthy
Inspector: Color of eyes
Wife: Never noticed
Inspector: Color of hair
Wife: Changes according to season
Inspector: What was he wearing
Wife: suit/casuals I don’t remember exactly
Inspector: Was somebody with him?
Wife: I think my Labrador dog, Calvin, tied with a golden chain, height 30 inches, healthy, blue eyes, blackish brown hair, his left foot thumb nail is slightly broken, he never barks, wearing a golden belt studded with blue balls, he likes non veg food, we eat together, we jog together…. And the Wife started crying…..
Inspector: Let’s search for the dog first!!!!!!!

Himesh is scared now. He has started wearing Burkha so that aliens do not see him. Aliens now singing: jhalak dikhlaja – jhalak dikhlaja, ek baar aaja aaja aaja aaja aaaajaaa

Correspondent: You named your dogs ‘James’ and ‘Bond’ and you call yourself ‘Marathi hridaysamrat’.
Khaj Thakrey: Tula maiti kaye….?  Maajhe kutreya che nav ‘Bondhisatva’ aani ‘Jamitra’ aahe. (What do you know? My dogs’ names are ‘Bondhisatva’ and ‘Jamitra’).
Correspondent: Aapne apne kutto ko marathi naam diye hain… kya ye marathi manooooooooooooos ka apmaan nahi hai?
Khaj Thakrey: Me tula phodun takel, me tula kapun takel….. ki paaije tula…. (I will crush you….. I will cut you….. What do you want?)
Correspondent (Running): Aur ye the Khaj Thakrey jinhone apne kutto ka naam Marathi me rakha hai aur unhe angreji me bulate hain…… Bhagte huye Cameraman Sharad Talwar ke sath mai Rajeev Thukla bhagunga Ghar Tak.

Correspondent: Takhi ji kya wajah thi jo aapne Abhishek ko thappad laga diya?
Takhi: Sir, kya batau sir, hum dono Lonavala gaye the sir ghoomne ke liye sir aur usme mujhe waha ek Kiss kar diya sir.
Correspondent: Ek kiss ki itni badi saja?
Takhi: Nahi sir maine use bola ki aur kiss karo sir to usne mana kar diya sir isliye mai use thappad laga ke MIKA ke paas aa gayee sir.
Aur ye thi meri, aapki aur poore desh ki NAARI Takhi Swayamwant, jo Abhishek ko Thappad laga ke MIKA ke paas aa gayee hain ( Nahi Nahi Abhishek Bachpan nahi Abhishek Jabarjasti). Ab dekhne wali baat ye hogi ki agar MIKA inke dance partner rahenge to Stage ka kya hoga?…. Cameraman Elesh Purujanwala ke sath mai Bhajat Karma, Aakhir Kab Tak.


Is this how NEWS should be?
There are several incidences daily which remain uncovered because media people are too busy creating NEWS. I understand that if there is no NEWS then what do they do? Where do they arrange funds from to sustain? But, compromising on the quality of the NEWS just for TRP raises a question in my mind: A cop lying in front of a camera with one of his legs completely detached from his body, seeking for help and the journalist is not ready to help him because the person behind the camera is a journalist first. If they are choosing professionalism over humanity then after being a professional journalist why do they choose entertainment over real NEWS?

This is what you would like to see?
I would rather go and watch Doordarshan at 8.30 to 9.30pm than watching this crap.

Is there anything that can be done?
End of the day it is all about TRP. If we all stop giving importance to this kind of stuff i believe they will move to some real NEWS.

I know and i agree that i know very little about journalism but i surely know that “these channels are not BREAKING NEWS they are MAKING NEWS, i am not sure if they are also FAKING NEWS”.

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Ajj jitendra badminton khel ke aya, aur ake kaha “sabse pahale tumse milne aya hun “, Ab usane sahi kaha ya chhutha ye bat mayne nahi rakhati hai.

mahttva ki bat ye hai, ki o bahut khus tha ,jahir hai ki khus hi hoga kunki apne beech ka vaha pahala ladaka hai , jo national game me pahucha ,sath hi uski mehanat bhi safal hui.

usane muchhse kaha ki vaha jeet ke aya hai,main khush hua, kya muchhe vakai khus hona chahiye, nahi janata ,iske pahel ke uske sabhi uplabdhiyun se muchhe dukh hi hota tha,par aaj yesa nahi. lagata hai ki mane dost sabd ka kuchh arth samchh liy hai.par na jane man ka koi kona kaha raha tha ki muchhe khus nahi hona chahiye,are jeeta to o hai aab muchhe neecha dikhana parega ,uski vah vahi hogi aur main jahan ka tahan .

shyad ye vichar meri asfalata ashantosh ki bhavan ke karan hai.manushya kuchh bhi kar le ye dono usk peecha nahi chhodti.jabki manusya ki asfalata ka mul karan uska apne lkshya par dhyan na dena hai,

Aaj har koi karne se jyada pane ki hor me laga hai ,karya ke suruat se hi hone na hone ki ganit me ulajh jata hai,aur fir asfal hone par bhagya ka rona rota hai.

Jitendra yek sadharan parivar se tha .pita sales man ,mata house wife ,aur do badi bahne ,aur do bhai.ghar ki economical condition sahi nahi thi,kam karne vala ek aur khane vale panch.

“pata nahi mere desh ke log ham do hamare do ke bar me kab samcheege”..

Lekin jitendra ka rahan sahan sadharan nahi tha ,o hamesha hi yek astariya jivan bitata tha.muchhe lagta hai ki ye sab uske aas parosh me rahne vale uske dosto ke karan tha.

kisi ne theek hi kaha hai ” itra ke sath rahne se itra wale se bhi khusbhi ane hi lagti hai”

par yek bat thi jitendra jo bhi karata apne paise se, khud tution parata ,aur electranic ki jankari hone ki vajaha se usase bhi kucch kama leta ,aur apne shauk pure karta,sath hi thora bahut ghar ke kamo me bhi lagata.

Jitendra padne me hoshiyar tha ,par usme jo muchhe sabse jyada prabhavi laga uska milan shar hona. yek aisha vyktito ki use dekhate hi chehare par muskan daur jati.Neta ,Abhineta ki Nakl to aese karta mano usne sabko kala baji shikhai ho.

Jitendra jindgi ke har vidhha ko jine vala inshan tha,chahe o khel,parai ,shrarat kuchh bhi ho.

Mere Jitendra ki dosti ki shuruat hone ki bhi rochak gatana hai.Main apne kasbe se Intermediate karne ke bad rewa (MP ka yek Shahar) Karne aya tha.rewa ke achhe college me dakhila bhi ho gaya nature se jyada milnsar tha nahi ,satha hi dost shabd par visvas bhi na ke barabar tha ,hamesha hi akele chalne ki aadat thi so ,rewa pahuch ke bhi vahi hal raha.

Ek din saikal se college jate waqt mera accident ho gya galti meri thi ,dono hath chhodakar saikal chala raha tha ,ab din jaise taise beeta par sham hote hi halt bigar gai aur mere dahine hath me jor se dard hone laga .ab kisi se jan pahachan bani nahi ,bulata bhi to kisko ,paise bhi nahi abbto bas ishvar ka hi shara raha.

Jitendra ka ghar mere room ke pas hi tha ,kai bar vah muchhse gali me mila bhi tha,so ,us din ishvar ki kripa se sham ko mere kamre me aya,Bahar dastak hui ,man me shanka ,kaun ho shakta hai… ,darvaja khola to dekha jitendra ,Man me khusi hui par madat lena muche ata na tha.

“Jab admi mushibat me ya bure waqt me hota hai tabhi use apni khamiyun ka yehshas hota hai.”

Jitendra ne pucha kya hua pahle to maine chhipane ki kosis ki par meri ankho ne sab ugal diya,aur ankhon ki gangotri se ganga,yamuna ki dhar fut pari,jaban ne bhi sath diya aur puri ram kahani jitendra ke age rakh di.usne muchhe datate hue kaha -pahle kun nahi bulaya aur dactor ke pas chalne ko kaha maine paise na hone ki bat batai to fir dat mili.

Doctor ke pas jane par pata chala ki hath ki do haddiyun ne namak harami ki hai aur mahine bhar ke liye plaster chada gaya.

mere pas ab tak koi dost nahi tha ya ye kahe ki maine kabhi kisise dosti nahi ki thi vaise bate karane aur riste banane me man bhi bahut mahir tha par dosti karan bada muskil tha mere liye .

mere dosti ke mayne kafi kare the.Bina swarth koi muchhse milta na tha aur jahan swarth wahan dosti kaisi.

par is ghtana se muchhe vastvik taur par apne vicharo par vichar karne ki awasykta mahshus hui.ushase mane shikha ki kisi ko parkhane se pahle apne apko shabit karana parata ahi.

“Bina swarth ke aapke shukha dukha me satha dena vala hi apka sahi maine me dost hai”

“Ham log dosharo ke liye to sharte rakha dete hai par ham kya hai ye kabhi nahi sochate”

Inhi kara no se aaj tak meri kisi se dosti nahi hui ,par main aab apne ko badlana chahta tha aur isme sath diye JITENDRA ne .

Ab ham aur jitendra bahut achhe dost the ,jitendra muchhe apna sabse acha dost manata tha aur main use.Uski bhumika mere jivan me yek dost se jyada ye guru ki rahi ,usne muchhe sahi mayne me jina shikhaya.usase dost sbd ki ahmiyat ka pata chal ,aur usne muchhe apne se bahar nikal kr duniyya ko dekhana shikhaya.

“Yek accha dost hamesha darpan ki tarah hota hai ji apke guna ,dosh ka darshan karata hi.”

Ushise mucche pahli bar apne likhne (kavita) ki sakti ka pata chala,aur apni tarkik sakiti ka jan hua.

main jyada khel kud me ruchhi nahi rakhta tha usne muchhe badminton khelnae ke liye prerit kiya aur main sanbhag stariya kkelo tak pahucha bhi ,par pairo me arthritis hone ke vajah se age nahi khel paya.

“Yek acch dost yek shilpkar ki tarha hota hai hai ji pathar ko trash kar use acchi murti me tabdeel karne ki kosis karta hai.”

Jitendra badminton bahut accha khelta hai sayad hi koi uske jaisa pure state me khelta ho aur usne sabit bhi kiya.

vah is jeet ka adhikari hai ,usne iskeliye kafi mehnat bhi ki hai.aur uski jeet me mucche bhi apnee jeet mahshus honi chahiye ,yahi yek acche dost ki nishani hai


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Sometime when I am alone I think,
I just hope the thread of friendship we share may never shrink.


When I am somber you make me smile,
You give me the strength to go ahead mile & mile.


When I was all alone in middle of strife,
Like an angel you came into my life.


Never seen you in somatic know you through internet,
But it doesn’t make a difference because it was destined & all set.


Your heart is pure as a drop of dew,
In this world people like you are very few.


A site of your innocent and lively smile,
can make a glum soul happy for a while.


In the crimson sky you are like a bright twinkling star,
You are so near yet so far.


You are so helpful you helped me for my G.D and interviews,
gave me tips that were so incredible and new.


You are popular among your friends,
Because of your sweet nature and helping hand which you are always ready to lend.


Your face is so cute, innocent and minus any pride,
You can cook & sing that shows your personality so vivid & wide.


The virtue of your nature cannot be measured in ell,
The happiness true friends bring nobody can buy or sell.


You are a friend, who can turn hell into an Elysium,
You are a friend who can bring light into darkness just like radium.


You are shy and elocutionist at the same time,
Never herd you singing but I am sure your voice must be quite like the sweet sound of chime.


I just hope our friendship last till eternity and never ever intercept,
But there is one fact hard to accept.


I am in north and you dwell in west,
But friendship goes through hard times and has to give test


Never met a person so poised like you,
It may sound clichéd, but people like you are few.


Seen you in your scenic snapshot,
Your sweet smile matches with your sweet nature a lot.


I am obliged to god he made you my friend,
I had lost my faith in friendship, but you helped to restore it back and mend.


Your warm and friendly nature is essence of your personality,
Now that you have become such a dear friend I want to see and meet you in reality.


You are so unique and different from rest of the crowd,
Like bright sun in sky full of dark cloud.


You’re so understanding and decent,
never met some one so sweet like you in past and recent.


Excuse me, if in past and future I commit any mistake,
For nothing could I put our friendship at stake.


I truly adore our friendship and hope it ends never,
It continues till eternity and last for ever.


Please don’t change and always be the way you are,
because a friend so nice and priceless is very rare.


People so serene and selfless are really few,
May you get all the success and happiness in world I pray for you.

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Dear Vanadium,

When I first saw you in the nuclear power station my Heart was oxidized by the cathode of your face. The alpha rays of your eyes were deflected by the nucleus of my eyes towards my Heart. Love of my Heart was attracted towards you to form 1-hearto 2-eyeso-Lovate and the electrons of my eyes started rotating very fast.

When i approached you with a catalyst you acted like a moderator and slowed down the speed of my Heart beat. Beaker of my eyes was filled with tears when this reaction occurred.

Tell me, why the burner of your eyes broke the test tube of my Heart?

Even now my Heart is saturated with your love and will remain saturated forever.

I hope you can understand the organic situation of my Heart.

Waiting for the reaction.

Uranium (|_|)

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