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Hurting religious sentiments is certainly is an unpardonable act especially when it comes to poisoning young children’s minds. So, here is that all started. After airing the 200th episode of Comedy central’s South Park, a warning was posted on an Islamic website telling Tery Parker and Matt Stone(Show Creators) to stop their portrayals of the Prophet Mohammad (where Mohammed appeared in a bear guise) or they would face some serious consequences down the line.

Therefore in 201st episode ,there were useless beeps throughout the episode. Whenever a character referred to Muhammad he got bleeped out. It is believed that it was Comedy Central’s way of showing how ridiculous this whole thing is.

It is believed that “EVERYBODY DRAW MOHAMMAD DAY” is the public reaction against radical Islamists who warned the show creators of death consequences.

A drawing from FB event page
A drawing from FB event page

The Muslims around the world got outraged by the move and therefore demanded a ban on the event fueled by the popular networking site facebook. It is alleged by the by and large Muslims populace that FB had reservations against the minority. They have reasons for it, the anti-holocaust page was removed within 20 minutes of reporting whereas the anti-Muhammad event page still persisted and moreover garnered popularity by leaps and bounds.  Not to forget that the David Headley is an accomplice, who had rock solid plans to eliminate the Danish cartoonist.

These chain of events have eventually led to banning/restricting modes of communication which in Pakistan is anyway limited. The world’s most popular sites i.e Twitter, FB and YouTube all are now under Pakistani government’s scanner.

We all know position ,the Prophet Mohammad acquires in Islam . Sketches, paintings or any other visual of Prophet Mohammad are considered to be act of blasphemy by Muslims. First, someone makes an offensive program and when the Muslims around the world protest against it then such kind of “event” is promoted on FB to take revenge. What if the same thing would have happened to your religion? There were had PILs filed , when Cricketer harbhajan singh and actress mona singh danced in a reality show by playing the character of Ravan & Sita respectively. Many Hindu groups protested against M.F Husain over nude paintings of Hindu Deities and mother India. No one has got the right to hurt any religious sentiments under the “Right of speech & Expression”.


Ayush is a student of Amity and pursuing his summer internship with Veda Informatics

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  1. Well written Ayush, one thing I would like to share. I understand that there religious matters are sticky issues and people tend to get a bit more aggressive and overtly protective. They tend to feel threatened. Religious believes are so brittle that a mere caricature can shake it? To an extent by banning over 1000 different ways of communicating? tolerance is again I feel should be practiced a little more. my god is my friend and I dont fear him..

  2. 2
    Rohit Narain 

    very nice and informative

  3. Wel I also agree with being constantly targeted again again… So some reaction can be expected but hopefully its just to teach a lesson and is temporary.

  4. 4

    Being a part of that system I am well aware of Facebook Terms & Policies. They clearly say that any pages involving hate speech,Targeting people based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, or disease is a serious violation of our standards. I think Facebook needs to revisit the rules and regulations it made…

    We all talk about Freedom of speech. Does that Freedom give us the Liberty to insult anyone? Does that mean that if I want to draw a picture of my teacher F***ed by a Donkey & post it all over the School Notice Board just because she give me a bad grade….

    I think more then Freedom of speech we need to develop tolerance & patience as human beings

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    loved the way you have put your thoughts … superb article

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    Hey Ayush,
    What’s up?Even I’m in AMITY,dude like how damn cool!:D
    What you doing tomorrow,let’s go somewhere.

  7. 7

    And yeah,the article’s pretty nice 😀 😀 😀

  8. 8

    It’s very deep ..beep..beep..beep
    hahaha,the prophet mohammad part was kinda funny.
    And my favourite colour is purple.

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