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Address: NH (National Highway) 24, Ghaziabad, Noida area

Nationality: Believers of regionalism

Life span: Not sure (depends on luck and rash drivers of course)

“Hey I came to know that a film on our breed is receiving awards worldwide. Guess what? Slumdog.” said the grey one to black. The black one is slightly thin with a broken limb; he just got back his life last night. He didn’t die, but was run over by a group of boisterous young men driving a Tavera. The black one says, “But I thought the film isn’t about dogs, it’s about humans living in a place called Mumbai. Couldn’t you see those huge posters near Shipra Sun City? Were there any dogs featured on it? You are a moron, living in a fool’s paradise- bloody mixed breed dog. You know, how I navigated last night and saved myself from being killed while crossing the road?”

In the meantime, during this conversation another one was killed in front of their eyes. A few people gathered and then dispersed in less than 2 minutes. “He should have crossed the road a little faster. Poor fella.” The grey sighed.

Who am I?

Im the unsaid, I’me the disheveled, I hold the pride of being the sole conqueror of the “highway”, the streets where I have passed my lineage of drudgeries, the place of my own prodigy, I’me nothing but a meaning less, homeless dog. Though at times this highway of mine deceives me, however…. the place is known to me….I’me the voice of all the other ones dropping in the bracket.

Nevada or Noida, I behold pride of seeing it all, from crass cacophony of the truck wala’s treating ‘a bunch of vegetable’.

Perhaps I am born to leave isolated the whole is not true. .there are some in  my own family who perhaps belong to higher pedigree (and who said caste creed is restricted to the Supreme Being?) They perhaps live a better life, but “we” the nomads live life dog size….but the question is what our fate, is it the drains? Or the banks, rather some cranny of the highway….which finishes us one day….yes, I’me the king of the “other” I have lived life, dog sized.

I too have a right to live.

The objective to write this spoof –

One thing is constant on my way to office everyday. A carcass- crushed accidentally or whatever. The Animal Welfare Board of India should seriously translate action from the wire copies meant to feed the media and pacify animal right activists for the time being. What about shelters for these poor animals somewhere in the outskirts of the city with an active collaboration with government bodies and NGO’s striving for their well beings?

An animal lover

Unconditional Love - They Give

Unconditional love – They give

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    very nice and simple monologue,the question here is “can i comment on all the articles written by this veteran????
    on a tremendous note….miles to go for you….
    very well written,plain and smashing.

  3. 3

    We are learning every day. And true, miles to go. I empathise with the treatment ordinary people mete out to these dumb creatures. It is their unconditional love and we human don’t understand and take these creatures for granted.

    Thanks Pakhi and Thank you Jacob, Keep visiting our site.

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    hey palash…gud one

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    thanks Ankit

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