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Arunesh Dogra: polly is asking for ‘quotes’ again, we should give him some
Ankit Chadha: ya
Ankit Chadha: lets do that
Arunesh Dogra: yes, quote-le aam!
Arunesh Dogra: saala quote-a sikka!
Ankit Chadha: this ones for the IPL season: feroz shah quote-la
Ankit Chadha: wat else?
Ankit Chadha: rain-quote
Arunesh Dogra: bichare me koi quote nahin
Ankit Chadha: quote and bowled
Arunesh Dogra: where is ‘hardquote butler’
Arunesh Dogra: what bites palash at night?
Ankit Chadha: no idea
Arunesh Dogra: Mausi-quote-toe
Ankit Chadha: which kind of shirts does palash prefer?
Arunesh Dogra: dunno
Ankit Chadha: 100% quote-ton
Arunesh Dogra: once palash was travelling…where was he going?
Ankit Chadha: pathan-quote?
Arunesh Dogra: to Faridquote
Arunesh Dogra: where does he go gambling?
Arunesh Dogra: Quote-man-do
Arunesh Dogra: bachpan mein (this is a bad one) aunty ne baby palash to kya bola
Arunesh Dogra: chooo quooooote
Arunesh Dogra: bas

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  1. 1
    Romila Sundaresan 

    Can I quote-martial you two for those horrendous and totally not punny puns? I hereby declare that your quote-a of jokes is full. Do you know what Palash has to say to you – Chun-chun ke quote-tol kar doonga – he’s a bong after all – how else would he say that word?

  2. Quote-quote ke shararat bhara hai – baba/baby. Had a good amount of laugh.

  3. 3

    Fine, we’re doing bong jokes next

  4. Quotee e, main tera quote pee jaaounga!

  5. 5

    Jab Palash ko gussa aata hai to wo kya machaata hai?

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