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It is intermission and I am still waiting for the story to kick off. Considering the movie was supposed to be about the most lively part of my city, it can’t get worse.

Filmed on the setup of andarun shahar, ‘Delhi-6’ is seen from the eyes of Roshan Mehra [Chchota B (when will he grow up?)]. While Mr. Siddhu Khiladi did a Chandni Chowk to China last month, Roshan moves from New York to Old Delhi with his grandmother (Waheeda Wasted Rehman) and an accent (that pisses you off throughout the movie). Don’t worry. I am not going to reveal the story. The film does not have one. So, AB(CD) and grandma receive a grand welcome from their neighbors, known and unknown. Director Rakeysh Mehra tries to repeat Rang De‘s mixing concept by playing with the backdrop of Ramlila, but fails to execute the magic.

However, what hurts the most is a false image of one of the most historic places in the world. From the very first scene, the area is depicted as a storehouse of chaos. Till the end, the film doesn’t go beyond narrow kuchas and cycle-rickshaws. In contrast to the title song that talked of the city as one with two hearts, the place appears heartless. In the last fifteen minutes, the script mentions (thrice) that the essence of the place are its people. I wish we could see THAT Delhi-6. The steadiness of Purani Dilli, which is much more appealing than its commotion, is not captured by the camera. Instead, the film repeatedly mocks the life of the city. The manner in which the screenplay turns into a spoof about issues like superstitions, mob mentality, family traditions and communalism is unbearable.

The lead actors add to the misery of the viewer. Pawan Malhotra (the younger Sharma), Vijay Raaz (thullaa) and Divya Dutta (Jalebi) put up good performances. Rahman’s superb music (that inspired me to go for the movie) is a misfit to the standards of the film. Don’t make a Kaala Bandar of yourself by going for the movie. Instead, I recommend spend 3 hours wandering on the streets of Delhi-6. Taste the real life of Old Delhi. With the delectable offerings, those 100 bucks will be more than paisa-vasool.


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    Phew, after reading this review i am thankful that i did not watch the movie…

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    I agree with what you have said. The knack towards popular cinema is one step towards erosion of quality cinema. Where are good scripts and of course film makers? These people are increasingly making a routine to take us (ordinary film lovers) for a ride and granted. So many things went wrong. The music score is deceptive and wrongly placed, very very bad editing. Zero story. I came to know yesterday that chota Bacchan, was so sort of planning a record by addressing strings of press cons, you are chartering a wrong mean Abhishek, “public sub jaanti hai. Aur bahut maarti hai.” This Idea is not working. My colleague says, ” he can’t act sala”

    The hero, the size of a hero originally meant for the 70 mm screen has reduced to a 14 inch. Can I blame all that to the producers? UTV (United Television), originally producers of mega serials like Shanti and Swabhimaan.

    I have vowed not to watch films any sooner, It is my hard earned money after all… I am very sorry Rakeysh, adding a ‘Y’ in your name will not change people’s verdict. ‘Why’ did you make this film and cheated on us? I deserve an answer.

  3. 3

    yes palash .. we deserve an answer…
    but i doubt that he himself has a clue of what he has done..

  4. My policy these days is to wait for the reviews…

  5. 5

    nd i see a veteran critic in the making !
    gud work ..
    liked it.
    will certainly look for more stuff coming from u pretty soon..

  6. 6

    I loved Delhi-6…its a film which grows on you and force you to think and look within…simply superb.

  7. 7

    I just wanted to say that I love this site

  8. 8

    Can we make recommendations on things we’d want reviewed?

  9. 9

    yes …why not…i would love to write more reviews*

    *Terms & Conditions Apply
    Are you giving me a free ticket every week?

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