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Learn’t from the papers that the North Korea or as they would like to call themselves the DPRK threatened to wage a “sacred war” against the imperialist US and its so called the “puppet force” and a distant cousin. Saw a great AFP photo where a North Korean soldier peeps through the window trying to make out what Hillary Clinton might be saying at the demilitarised zone (DMZ) or what her husband and former US president Bill Clinton called “the world’s most scariest place.” Tipped as the world’s most secretive diplomatic zone where every action is watched and every “comment” analysed.

I wonder how will one of the and off course world’s very few centrally planned economy and it’s people will be able to achieve amid of sanctions (past and upcoming). It is despite the fact that the North Korean economy did well in comparison to its capitalist neighbor South Korea. As the Chinese manufacturing companies spread deep inside the Western world, the government’s open support to the North Korean regime is no secret at all. The Chinese finds a strong ally in it’s North-East region. Now how much is the Chinese economic and military support to the Dictator regime will only be clear in the next 2 weeks or months. In wake of the US-S.Korea joint naval exercise on the Sea of Japan, this time it could be worser than the 1950-53 Korean war. A slight mis-judgement can risk lives of 10’s of million people in Seoul and Kim Jong-2’s comrades do have the muscle indeed.

In the past six months there have been cautious exchanges of peace process from both the ends, sans the North Korea alter their nuclear programme. Lifting UN sanctions against North Korea should be talked as the world should be a freer and a better place. While there should be no harm in the naval exercise which the US and South Korea are starting today i:e 25th July, the six-party talks (which hasn’t happened since Dec – 2008) should resume with constructive agendas in mind.

As the economy sighs a better breath worldwide, it’s no time for animosity instead bringing back meaningful diplomacy right back in place and if it wasn’t then reinstate .

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