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Friday night:10 PM, Manak Vihar, New Delhi.

I see a man quietly, crossing the road and eyeing one of the hundred flower pots meant for beautification purposes (hastily done by the Sheila Dixit government). Aghast, I see him actually picking up one of the earthen pots and without any fear (not even the cops sitting just next to his LML Vespa) place the pot infront of him.

I am still looking at him with utter disbelief, on the other side of the illuminated road. The scooter grumbled, and so did the inner me. I crossed the road and challenged him. He stared back, I was no less. The middle aged, slightly bald man questions back, “tujhe kya problem hai.” I retort, “yeh public property hai, aap nahi le jaa sakte.” He abused me. I didn’t care. This man, wearing a white shirt, pulled the gear of his scooter. In a fraction, I decided not to let him go. The only worry was the 2 Smirnoff Vodka bottles, in one hand and helmet on the other. I chased him and pulled back the scooter. I tried hard, but my will to stop him was much more than the machine. I didn’t let him go.

This time I looked directly, in his eye, I barked, “apne baccho ko kya sikhayenge?” A young man, came from the sideways took away the flower pot from the scooter and placed that back it deserved. The cops continued to watch but refused to intervene (their vanilla ice-cream 🙂 was melting btw).

The stare, the middle aged man gave, had a lot of questions.

Could be

1. who the hell is he?

2. What’s his problem in life

3. He should just get lost

4. I quick pick, just went off hand (because of this bugger)

People like him are there everywhere, “if only’ all of us become a little more aware and identify, what’s acceptable and what’s NOT. By the way, that man, looked, decent and fairly educated. Why did he steal something which belongs to the public?

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    Bravo Pal!!! I’m proud of ya…

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