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Yes, hypocrisy is the matter to agitate but, the problem lies in ‘I’. This ‘I’ is obligatory the hub of your life, all your possessions revolves around ‘I’.

One corner of your white painted heart always keep on suggesting some amendments for the mistake you made in past, always prevent you to deprive others of their right but, men being self centered thinks let it be, nothing succeeds like success, and all your aesthetic values got overshadowed by your money makes  the mare go philosophy. One might not be thinking to delude someone but it happens as your black painted heart completely believes in ‘I’.

And as life will change its pose, you will be at the other end of prosperity and from top to bottom you will be surrounded by grievances.

The folk whom you tricked earlier will come and pay you a hearty felicitation for all your vengeance so, stop being Lucifer of your life and avoid sticky wickets. Don’t let your all hopes end in a smoke.

One who live for others need not to bother for themselves.

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    uumm,you know the whole idea of lucifer and mephostapilus, gives me a picture of marlows dr.faustus…..
    yes, i admit that rather than blowing one thought in smothers of smoke it is better to endow and keep the smoke burning….what say??

    and on the holistic note every person in life shud rather be a faustus ,than a creepy lucifer,nice and thoughtprovoking,very conventional from this site,cheers again….


  2. 2

    Nice thought and very well compiled. helped me understand the post and the comment as well.

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