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Migraine being a ubiquitous disease has become the talk of the world. Although it’s not a fatal disorder but there’s always a thump-thump of heart during dreadful onset of Migraine and one can’t put up with his pain.

As we know ‘longer the pain been establish the harder it is to abolish’ so, before migraine becomes writing of your wall its better to cease it there.

By virtue of paying more attention to work people deprive themselves from a proper recreation excessive hours, which causes physical stress such as prolonged exertion especially when it’s combined with muscle bending and scooping. Physical stress caused by lack of sleep and emotional stress (failed personal relationship effect the patient adversely is an irrefutable truth) and exposure to extreme heat or cold also may trigger the initial or subsequent severe attacks of Migraine. Alteration in the life style or elimination of the cause may bring improvement. In such cases patient should zero in on the special relaxation technique such as Yoga and Hypnosis.

A slight change in eating habits will vamp up the condition of the patient. Certain food stuffs like chocolate, citrus fruits, fatty foods (esp. Pork), alcohol, tea, coffee, cheese and other dairy products should be pared down. Missing out a meal on regular basis may bring on an attack. So its good not to alter meal with snacks as a stitch in time saves nine.

The patient of cervical spondylosis should keep a vigil as it is responsible for making migraine worse, which could be treated my immobilizing the neck in a collar. Migraine may occur primarily on Saturday or Sunday morning, staying in bed longer. This is so called letup headache and hence waking routine should not be altered. Person should be careful during hot and dry weather as it may effect adversely, patient should also avoid stuffy airless atmosphere such as in Pubs or Theaters especially when it is polluted by cigarette smoke. It’s also suggested to avoid imminent excessive bright light. During attack its worth while taking a pain killer such as Paracetamol or soluble aspirin and should relax in bed inside a dark ventilated room and should try to sleep again. The lowest pillow should be kept under the shoulders so that head, neck and upper trunk remain in straight line.

If one feels running against visual upset, numbness, vertigo etc. during work then the vasoactive drugs such as Migril, Cafergot or Lingraine should be taken before headache comes. If the person see about in early attacks, there is poor absorption of food and drug and X-Ray confirms that the movement of stomach walls ceases it’s essential not to make light of this warning and treatment should be started as soon as possible. Anti vomiting drug like Metaclopramide could be a good option in this high and dry situation.

Yet taking such precautions all the time is a Herculean task but one who wants to live on velvet, must abide by the precaution measures because one just can’t yield under pressure rather has to knock out for better treatment, then why not to play safe?

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    Ya Khushi very well said. this info can help the evryone to get know more about migraine and can help them to take precaution to avoid this and live a happy life

  2. 2

    Pretty cool post. I just came across your blog and wanted to say
    that I’ve really liked reading your posts. In any case
    I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon!

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    this article is well worthy as it helps in insighting into very concepts related to migraine.. this will prove to me a generic step to make people aware about all the aspects of migraine and the precautions as it is well said that “prevention is better than cure”

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    well compiled khushy, i’ve been reading u’r posts since “sticky wicket” n i really liked them all. can u suggest why sometimes doctors suggest for the tranquilizing drugs, is it the more severe case than the normal one. n also do tell what’s d effect of vasoactive drugs in this condition.

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    Aahan Bhasin 

    some people are sensitive to low barometric pressure and devlop migraine during thunderstorm. imminent bright light upsets others ‘ particularly where there is glare of the sea or beach or snow and ice. excessive close work causing eye strain may certainly aggravate migraine.

  6. 6

    During the early years of attack, like every 3 to 6 months may be unpleasent but not effect the work and just taking a painkiller is sufficient i think this headache has nothing to do with making stomach upset.

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    ya khushi it’s better to stop this disease before it get worse and the evasion in precaution could make one tossing the whole night due to pain.Genrelly fever, nausea, vomiting are not really thought to be the sign of migraine n people avoid it by thinking a normal stomach upset .

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    Tranquilizing drugs are used to reduce anxiety and tension and could be prescribed during migraine attacks originating due to emotional stress.
    In migraine basically the diameter of blood vessels of the head scalp and the body increases, that is the reason vaso active drugs are recommended so that is may reduce the caliber of the blood vessels.

    Migraine is a syndrome (a bunch of symptoms that indicates a particular disease). People sometimes think migraine as just bad headache, but it is possible to have migraine without headache. Quite often the other symptoms like nausea, vomiting (due to ceased stomach wall), numbness vertigo etc. could debilitate the headache.

    Thanks all for the comments.

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    ya khushi, migraine being a omnipresent syndrome is effecting the major folks but there’re lots of factors which triggers migraine n such are not known yet, in such cases it becomes very complex.

  10. 10

    khushi, i really like the post as well as the comments, seems a healthy debate on migraine, hopefully it will last by giving more knowledge about this disease.

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    It’s very Informative.

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    i really like u’r post. it’s very informative. waiting 4 someother health tips in u’r next post.

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