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After the Rakhi Sawant Tamasha, Rahul Mahajan- another noisy chap is going to spit cheap thrills this time. What is happening? The TV guys just do not know where to stop. Personal matter is big business these days. I did not see a single episode of the ‘Rakhi ka Swayamvar’ – am I outdated, since I have not being following what happened on which dates, who got chosen by the my-fair-lady and who was the poor chap. I do not find the need to watch useless crap with full respect to my friends who happen to see that show quite diligently and finally being a part of water cooler discussion. I see my colleagues watching Rakhi episodes in office – courtesy YouTube (revealing a secret, please excuse me) but I could not stop myself saying “why the hell do you want to see that?”

I have a feverish repugnance against certain youth oriented TV shows MTV Splitsvilla, Channel V Roadies, Big Boss. These fiction-meets reality type of shows are getting popular now. Another theory that rounds the gossip market is ‘you can hate it but cannot ignore these reality shows’. What is the impact on the young audience, children particularly ? I am not getting into morality issues, but the effect will come in different shades, the psyche , behavior, attitude and conduct towards elders and peers.

Even the web is dripping under the Rakhi effect, After some historic Swayamvars listing Ram-Sita and Draupadi-  Rakhi comes in the list .

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    ganda hai par dhanda hai yeh

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    ek chutki sindoor ke keemat tum kya jano, Palash babu?


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    Here you go!
    You don’t like ‘Rakhi ka Swaymwar’, but are being forced to write about it. So you are doing promotions for her instead.

  4. 4

    I did not say i don’t like the show.. I said “I do not watch such stuffs.” Pawan my friend, i am good at ignoring what ‘people’ comment, talk or show for that matter… and this is a platform to express, i think!!

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    Palash, I don’t watch Rakhi ka Swaymwar but I saw trailers of it on Headline News channel and wondered why news channels depict that as news. I have to admit I admired all the trousseau that one of the guy’s mother and sister showed on the news channel, awesome clothes, the shopaholic in me freaked out.

    My good friend on Twitter, Pritish Nandy, who is a public figure, says that such reality shows are good because it tells our politicians and the hypocritical Indian society that today’s generation doesn’t care about religion, tradition, caste, etc, when it comes to finding their better half. Reality shows are eye openers for the Indian society that harps on judging other people’s personal lives without realising their own may be out there on a reality show, performing to express freedom of thought and world. Also, he points out that the reality shows aren’t much worse or shocking than some of the Bollywood flicks we’ve seen this year.

    Maybe, yes, today’s generation is very bold and if that is directed for the right purposes such as to move beyond caste, dowry and financial status, that is a good sign.

    Having said this, I don’t support Rakhi ka Swayamar concept but we need to remember that different people across the society view it with interest and social curiosity. Lets just move ahead and take it easy:)

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    very true
    but the thingie is that after a great day of toil and work , if a person is going for some stress releasing non -sense(as popular couture says) whats the harm?
    “you can choose to not see” but again it is a personal choice and i think after the whole day such things become more relieving and soothing rather than the “intellectual quota”what some people might look for.

    nice thought compiled.
    and yes , i don’t think any of those “reality bite shows” is even worth glancing.

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    More incredible moments from the Sawant ki Ghata at

    Check out what some fellow Indians have to say about this dross.

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