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Monday, February 16th, 2009 | Author:

Two hemispheres on one wall, motivation being fanned on another. Whiteboards that refuse to stay white and the balcony of Old Trafford. That’s A-175.

Or is it?

Two pillars of the institution stand to my left. Another one sits to my right. It is to quote him, “It is not about the place, it is always about the people.”

Hi! I sit in the third row (from the entrance) and am more into what everybody else is doing. Two rows away, two great minds sit facing each other. They mean business. One of them frightens me. Oh! he is smiling. This implies we bagged a new project. Whoopee!

I see focused eyes, raised brows and thinking fingers. Suddenly, a mouth opens. “Ooh…Ah…You are my Sonia!” No marks for guessing who it was. Nobody got disturbed. Many of us have put on music as protection for our ears. Others have got used to noise. But, I wonder why the exhibition of his chest is as loud as his singing.

Somebody just kept the bowl full of sandwiches on the table. Though he lost his beloved harmonica last month, the musical notes of his jaws remain intact.

Hmmm, this one seems to be an interesting development. The number of bangles this madam used to wear has come down, from elbows to wrists.

What’s happening here? Ha Ha Ha…somebody’s leg got pulled on Outlook. And, I can already hear her replying back.

Oh no! This poor guy has been sneezing since morning. However, there is a more remarkable phenomenon occurring simultaneously. This lady sitting next to me utters “Bless you” every time he sneezes.

What unites all the people out here is a common language. They discover joy in tiny things. And this joy drives them to do big things. I guess this is how the world kisses one’s feet.