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Thursday, July 16th, 2009 | Author:

Dear Friends,

We are presenting this year’s first newsletter. The content team has grown, we have successfully executed a number of big, small projects. We are also planning to penetrate Indian markets. We are under a continuous process of defining growth; much credit goes to the leadership and of course our super energetic team. We conceive, nurture and eventually explore creativity. VEranDA was a result of that seed. Personally has been a wonderful experience to be a part of this team. The feedbacks we have received from clients attest how we have helped people building their businesses in with the help of new media. We have had our share of setbacks but never have we compromised on quality or commitment to our clients. As a result, we are among the top 15 service providers of the business platform we use. The newsletter is just an effort to improve our internal communication process and stay abreast of the developments in the team and the organization.

Palash -Vedainformatics Team

“Let me share some recent thoughts that have been going around in my head. Good Work is a great route to success in life, but for the ones who want big time success in life the only route is excellence. Excellence is primarily about the quality of what we create…and quality is a little about aptitude and a lot about attitude! Let us think about it and move in the direction of big time success in the times to come.”

“We call it Veda
What is it though?
A place to dream
And strive to achieve more

Enthusiasm and ideas
Pats on the back
Swaying, drifting, then running
To find the right track

Lunchtime and tea cups
And conversations that last
Long after we’ve stopped talking
Of subjects too vast

Team meetings and agendas
And targets to meet
Contests and winnings
None accepting defeat

Humming, then singing
A song with no tune
Harsh to the ears?
No, we’re now immune.

Discussions and debates
Daily fights over a chair
Birthdays and ragging
Coding and software

An article badly written
Redo threats exchanged
Glances and feedback
But never estranged

The team lives in my heart
And I’m never alone
I come in every morning
Saying, “I’m home.”

“I have put down a couple of thoughts. Working from home keeps me away from the goings on in the office. It’s been a year since the last edition of this newsletter was published. In this time, Veda Informatics has grown in leaps and bounds, not only adding new people and projects but also in new dimensions. Take the VEranDA for instance. This site allows Veda-ites a platform for creativity and free expression, and has become an instance success. Not only this, there now are meetings that not only facilitate planning regarding project delivery, but also is a place where people exchange knowledge. I believe that in the past year, Veda has grown in terms of the number of people, diversity of projects, skill base, knowledge and team spirit. For the next one year, I can only imagine that in terms of progress, even the sky isn’t the limit for Veda Informatics.”

“Top Five Things I learnt at Veda

Originality is God, Create it.

God is in the Details, Follow it.

Team Meetings Can Be Fun, Enjoy it.

Talent is the Best Resource, Tap it.

Food is the Best Fevicol @ Work, Share it.”

“Joining Veda has been a reincarnation. Content is just a small part of what I’ve learned here. People here have helped me discover myself. The freedom this place offers is amazing. I just hope that we, as an organization, keep touching lives.”


Hello everyone!

Its been almost 5 months for me in Veda. And i can honestly say that i loved every minute of it (well ALMOST every minute). 🙂
I remember, i was a scared little soul on the first day i joined Veda, considering this is my first ACTUAL job. However, i feel that the time that i have spent here has molded me into a stronger person. I am also glad for having joined Veda because i got a chance to meet a lot of interesting characters (you know who you are).

Hoping to spend a lot more interesting and productive months with this crazy bunch.

P.S. The newsletter is very encouraging!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey Vidya,
Good to read your mail.
I totally love my interactions with every one at Veda and I think you are so lucky to have started your first job here. Being here has grown you and each one of us in meaningful ways, similar to the transformation that a caterpillar experiences in its next avatar as a beautiful butterfly, ready to dazzle, explore and find new purpose in the world even as it flits seeking nectarine knowledge and thirsting for more. That’s the vision, power and confidence that Veda endows each of us with.

This newsletter is a great endeavor to bring us closer to one another, respect what we are doing in different roles and stay together as one family. So, lets all vow to support and grow this endeavor on a regular basis. God bless.


Veda has grown immensely from being a five member team to a full fledged
company. Veda is a dream come true…… With its amazing talent and a bunch
of people crazy for success and more success, Veda is zooming ahead to
become the leading company (Competitors BEWARE!!). In terms of planning and
achievements, we have crossed numerous hurdles, learnt amazing lessons and
come a long way from serving one client to countless ones (and making them
feel happy to associate with us!)
All I can say now is, Hail Veda!!

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009 | Author:

July 14, 2009. It was a special day. Why? Okay, I am in love with bullets these days:

  • We got to meet people from Qais. The best part of the five minute meeting was how they presented us their business cards. It was so gracious. The moment reminded of my schooldays. It was so similar to all those annual functions when I received a prize from the chief guest.
  • We met Baskar. Two things. The way he shaked hands – that’s how one is supposed to do it. It communicated enthusiasm in the best possible way. Secondly, we got to learn about the concept of KEP. It was great to know how we are making products that make a difference.
  • I worked with Mohanish on a project that required some graphics to be incorporated. While I focused on making the concept understandable, it was great to see him polish every minute detail. He just made it perfect. That’s what we call value addition.

This is three-dimensional stuff.

Thursday, November 27th, 2008 | Author:

Business requires conducive and peaceful environment to sustain and thrive. Devoid of these parameters confidence buildup is likely to take a deep plunge. By the word environment I mean economical, political and social aspects of a nation. The event clashes with the global economy already on a roll back mode and India (I hear) is set to play a role model in global transactions.

It is no news that the country is under threat and the crusade has been executed by young mislead boys who have decided to take scores of people into hostage, step by step. The English cricket team has decided to pull back their team back in the wake of the deadly Mumbai attacks. A 1 Kg RDX consignment was found in Jorhat District, Assam today and diffused eventually. The final test match was scheduled in Guwahati which earlier this month was under the terror target lists.

The Mumbai incident happened in a time where almost every intelligence department is trying hard to unfold the mystery surrounding the attackers and their mother organization. The whole country is trying to come into the terms that an attack of this nature and size, has taken place, LIVE on television. Bollywod produced a couple of films inspired by terrorism in 2008 A Wednesday and Mumbai Meri Jaan to quote a few taking terror perpetrators and their gruesome images right from our bedrooms to coffee table discussions.

I saw film by Steven Spielberg ‘Munich, where the Israeli intelligence Mossad in a bid to take revenge eliminates key members of the PLO in retaliation of the infamous Munich Olympic massacre in 1972. There are more than 325 casualties in India as of now this year, and counting.

Yes, there is a stark grim connection in India’s own 9/11 and that what happened in New York in 2001. As the images flickered across television screens, I gathered the facts and explain you my own take of this one event.

9/11 and 11/26

New York and Mumbai

  1. Where one is the world’s financial district the latter is India’s if not the entire south East Asian region
  2. Both the events unfolded dramatic and unbelievable visuals which got viewers from all over the world hooked into their television sets. It was happening LIVE.
  3. Both the events were planned much in advance and a dedicated fidayeen squad deployed for execution of this task.
  4. Caught the viewer attention in Prime Time. (Mumbai: The first reported attack happened a little after 9 PM GMT. New York 9/11: although the planes started ramming the WTC at 8:45 AM the Indian viewers were hooked to the television very much in our evening, night slots.
  5. WTC –World Trade Center and the Taj/Oberoi Hotel and others. Strategic locations of both the places are worth mentioning. Mumbai and New York are one of the costliest places to dwell and the two locations are strategically placed and of high real estate value.
  6. Both the events managed to attract immense national and international print/ TV coverage primarily on account of the number of casualties.

Spiegel.de (Germany) reports that this event (Mumbai) is Barrack Hussain Obama’s first test as a future president of the US in terms of his own foreign read Asian relations.

It started with the May 13 Jaipur blast and Bombay being the latest. A colleague of mine expresses her naiveness by saying that this event will fade out of our memories sooner and we should get used to listen news of this nature and that this piece of news will gradually found in the newspaper’s 4th or 5th page soon.

Where do we go from here, is there a way out from here? I am not very sure, who are these people and what do they want and where did they come from? Also not sure if such events will stop here (Apparently the gun fights and hostage crisis is still on- should stop sometime).

Are we going to forget what happened today, are we becoming indifferent? How can I, as a citizen of India contribute to thwart such accident.

26 November 2008 Mumbai attacks – WikiPedia