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Tuesday, March 30th, 2010 | Author:

As soulful Malayalam songs play on in the background, I’m inspired to write this piece. As a matter of fact, I’ve always been intrigued by the power of music to transform people, however transiently, to calm, soothe and uplift them; whenever, wherever. Great music can transport people into imaginary lands, evoke nostalgia, throw open floodgates of memory, and as the great musician Tansen would have done, lighted fires, brought the rain and cured diseases…

So, what makes the sound of music so magical? Why is great music inspiring every time you listen to them, no matter how often you do? Why does great music always grow on you, rather than you growing tired of it? Well, as I still am clueless about the answers, I thank the Almighty for the great gift of music and His blessed musicians. (Wish writings too had the instant connect and mass reach that music enjoys!).

Speaking of musicians, my long-time favorites are maestros A.R. Rahman, Illayaraja (of “Pa” fame) and the late Malayalam composer Ravindran. For me, their soul’s divinity is reflected in their music, which is an unmistakable connection with God. So, if someone were to ask me what divinity and complete bliss are, I’d, without a grain of doubt, answer: it is in the music that moves, in their golden renderings, in soulful poetry, in nature’s magnanimity and, eventually, in mothers’ care. So, as a parting note and a tribute, I pray to the Almighty to endow His gifted children with more talent, passion, love and humility, which fuel their sublime creativity and enable them to touch lives for ages to come.