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Thursday, December 31st, 2009 | Author:

Cheers, we are entering in the last year of the 21st century, after today. I wish you a happy new century. A phone call from my residence made me think a little about this celebration. For your information (people who do not know) there is a lunar eclipse on the 31st December 2009. The earth will cast its shadow on the moon tonight prime–time (9:30 to 1 AM). Most of the Delhi clubs, restaurants and discotheques will be full and hic, spirits will be high.

But a word of caution comes from my mother, “son, during a lunar eclipse people should not eat anything.” I said, “What do I do now?” She says, “try and have your dinner before 9:30 and celebrate (if you want tomorrow).” There is no sound on the other side of the phone, Ma hung up. Our astronomers today can predict when such an event will occur, I read it’s 2018. This magnificent clockwork of the heavenly bodies have displayed signs of grandiose time to time, at the same time encouraged conservatism and superstitions throughout the globe.

Let me tell you some popular beliefs associated with lunar eclipses. Apart from the most common belief which is terrible that protracts that an eclipse of the sun or moon is associated with destruction and the end of the world. The world would have destroyed a million times by now, if that belief was true. There are some more….

  • Pregnant woman should be careful and not touch her belly.
  • Ancient Chinese call the eclipse as lunar yueshi (lunæ devoratio) and ascribe that to the plotting of a dragon. The Chinese believed that the dragon was eating the Moon. To scare away the dragon they will shoot cannons.
  • The people of India still hide inside during the eclipses, because they believe the moon allows bad rays to hit earth.
  • People in India break and bang pots and lot of other noises to keep evil forces at bay. The evil forces are taking away the moon, they believe.
  • Some noises are still being made by various instruments in Persia and some parts of China.
  • Some Americans believe that the sun and the moon are tired.
  • The Indian credence is that a snake eats the sun and moon when they’re eclipsed.
  • Eskimos will turn their utensils over to avoid them being contaminated.
  • Some Hindus believes that a demon devours these heavenly bodies.
  • Babylonians somehow believed that the Moon being hidden was a bad omen and some place in the world is doomed for sure.
  • One of the extracts of bible says that when a moon turns red Apocalypse or catastrophe will come. (Genesis 1:14-19 DAY 4)

Cant say about mama, but I look forward to see this once-in-a-blue-moon event tonight. Join me if you want to be a part this awe-inspiring and wonderful heavenly enigma which we are about to witness. Happy new year, friends, see you next year.

Thursday, July 16th, 2009 | Author:
Harry Potter - The Half Blood Prince

Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince

The waiting of over a year culminated in my being able to get tickets for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince tonight – the first day it was released. The hours were difficult to pass and the day seemed to stretch unnaturally, keeping me away from one of the few things I am passionate about. Needless to say, when the movie started, I was all ready to stand up and hoot and clap. But I stopped soon enough. Did they say this movie was based on JK Rowling’s book, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince??? Ok, I agree, some of the characters were taken from the book but not the story. Being the generous person I am, I will agree to accept that the screenplay was loosely inspired by a dream the writers might have had after reading JK Rowling’s book.

The parts that make the book intriguing, the crucial aspects that all tie up together to form the last book, the experiences that made the Half Blood Prince who he was, everything was foregone to make a story that was full of computer gimmicks for children.

Don’t they realise that most of the audience would be of people who have read the book and have pictured the story in their minds and want to see how their own vision would be translated on screen? Let me give you a small example without giving away the story for those who haven’t read the book – a quiet Christmas at The Burrow was turned into a fight for one’s very life as half the Death Eaters turned up and burned the house down!!!! Why? How did that help the story except to showcase the prowess of the graphics team?

OK I get it now – the movie should have been called Harry Potter and the Half Trained Geeks – an advertisement on how far Britain has come when it comes to animation. It isn’t as though Daniel Radcliffe has finally taken acting classes and breaks into an expression at least in an odd scene here and there. So it couldn’t be about Harry Potter.

In short, I am appalled and amazed that JK Rowling would give her blessings to this movie and not take them to court. I want to. But then, I suppose, she doesn’t want her next book to be Harry Potter and the Half Paid Bills.