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Thursday, May 21st, 2009 | Author:

If you have never been unwell in the last 15 years this article might not be very useful for you. In case you find a little better state of health can help you live more of your life every day – try one or more of the options below:

Eat Less
We often eat much more than we need to. Someone recently told me that the physical size of our stomach is not much bigger than the space that we can create between our palms (when bloated in a Namaste shape). Eating a bigger volume than that is just overloading the system and giving it more stuff than it needs to live healthy. This brings in the overhead of processing a lot of food that the body does not need – wasted energy which could have been used in playing a game we love or putting in that additional hour into work that was needed to meet  that deadline! I suppose when one starts over eating the body thinks that you are headed into a famine and starts storing food. But when the food is stored for years and no famine happens then it begins to rot like wheat which has lived too long in storage without being used! The stored food starts floating around in the blood looking for a consumer and since there are no takers for it, starts choking from arteries to organs!
Ignore the gore above and take the crux of the message – eat as much as you will burn today!

Sleep Less
Popular myth says sleep eight hours for a healthy life. If you sleep for eight or more hours everyday – try this simple test. Observe how fresh you feel ten minutes after six hours of ‘good’ sleep and compare it to the moment ten minutes after the eight hour sleep. Most people have found that after the eight hour sleep the body actually needs to ‘recuperate’ from the sleeping – some parts of the body like neck and back feel a little stiffer after the marathon and a general feel of fatigue and laziness lingers for a while before you are ready for action again. In comparison the moment ten minutes after the six hour sleep is often ready for action already! The more important thing here is the quality of sleep. When you keep yourself ‘mildly’ under-slept on occasions (maybe once or twice a week) the quality of sleep that you get everyday keeps improving. Most of the very successful people were awake for eighteen to twenty hours a day and doing things that they really wanted to do (instead of sleeping in preparation for doing them the next day!)

Do More
Find all the things that you really want to do and do them a lot. After all good health’s only use is giving you the opportunity to do more of what you really want to do! One of the things that helps one do more is to not play the ‘OR’ game too early in the decision making cycle. Instead of saying that if I do this then I will be able to do lesser of that try to see if you can do lot of this ‘AND’ a lot of that. An example in this could be the Work/Play balance. Don’t get into OR too early there – work hard and party harder!

Smile More
Very essential daily activity that we keep forgetting to perform at the right frequency – Smiling. Look at the days when you really stretched yourself to meet a target and managed to smile through it – days like those were probably a greater joy than the best vacation (especially if you spent the vacation worrying about a problem that you were not even solving at that moment!) Here again one can achieve two levels – level one is where you are able to smile through the ups and downs of life – level two is when you can make the others smile!

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Friday, February 13th, 2009 | Author:

We all are aware of the fact that working on computer for prolonged hours can be really dangerous and can lead to a major dysfunction. Desktop yoga is what you can resort to in order to stay active at work and increase your productivity eventually. Here are some easy to do exercises that help prevent repetitive stress injuries:

  • Ensure to take a walk after every thirty minutes.
  • Gaze at anything kept far away for few seconds at preset intervals may be an hour.
  • Avoid having lunch at your desk and perform some physical activity during lunch time. A brisk walk for few minutes can do the wonders
  • Stretch all the parts of your body, including fingers and wrists if you can’t afford taking a break every thirty minutes.
  • Monitor screen should preferably be kept lower than your eye level.
  • Clench your fists and rotate both hands clockwise and anti-clockwise.
  • Rotating your shoulders in backward and forward relaxes head, neck, shoulders and arms.
  • Sit upright without putting any pressure on you neck or back.
  • Shrug your shoulders to release your neck at least five times in a go.
  • Join your palms at the front part of your body (as you do during prayers) and make zero in the air in both directions. Repeat it for three times.
  • Whenever possible close your eyes and take three deep breaths. This is the easiest stress buster.
  • Prefer lemon tea to the normal tea or coffee especially at workplace. (Folks it also helps in shedding those extra kilos)
  • Drink as much water as is possible for you. It cleanses your body of the waste.

I know it is really difficult to take out time from our rock bottom busy schedules. But all I would say is that we should respect the needs of our body and desktop yoga is what you should be focusing on to fulfill the same.