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Sunday, February 08th, 2009 | Author:

After launching the Blogging Contest, it was not possible for me to duck out of it, especially after making fun of “big boss” and how he will not be able to write the blog on time, etc. I knew it would be a disaster to not submit a blog at all. This was evident immediately after I missed the first milestone of submitting the blog… he already started taunting me. Old married couples do that sometimes; I mean taunting. Don’t get any ideas! All I mean is that he is old and he has been married long enough to pick up some bad habits from the institution. (Must be some Nerd who coined the phrase ‘marriage is an institution’… Nerds hate institutions!).

Now, the real question was about writing…

So far, whatever contribution I have made to Veranda or the Veda Blog, I was never under pressure to perform i.e. to think about a topic and write. This was my first time (I am talking about writing). So, just before the last date of submitting the topic I selected a topic i.e. ‘My Friends and Me’ or ‘Me and My Friends.’ I don’t even remember what the topic was. I thought I would write about our college days and bring in some angle of social networking, etc. Phhhsss!… that didn’t work at all! When I actually started writing, I could not go beyond one paragraph. Not that my school or college days were uneventful, but I am not very proud of anything meaningful that happened 🙂 You know what I mean… Eh? (I know what you are thinking… you are Bad!).

Kudos to the content team! I wonder how they do it everyday; take a topic and just write about it. Another question that I always had about the content team was, why is it that girls are more successful content writers than boys?  After much thinking I was able to put 2 + 2 together and the answer was obviously 5. The content team mostly has girls and any married MAN will agree that girls are good at cooking… or to make it more clear… in “cooking up.” I mean I hardly remember any incident that my wife is very confident took place in our first few years of marriage. So, obviously some cooking of stories is taking place.

Anyway! I was not able to write on the topic I selected. So I am back to square one and now I don’t have a blog or a topic.

On a philosophical note, the need to perform is created by oneself, isn’t it? If I stop thinking about what others will think, pressure goes away and after that everything you do, every decision you make is made with a clear mind. No pressure!