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Monday, April 12th, 2010 | Author:

So Finally I’m here, with my first ever post on VEranDA. But not writing much this time, just few visuals. Here are some of the shots from my ‘Gun‘ (wait…, don’t be scared, obviously I don’t have a gun buddy, It’s a Camera, just wanted to make an impacting title nothing else, lol !)… n, Oh please ‘m not a photographer, so stop looking for perfection 😉 . OK so just thought to post some of these pics to VEranDA, Hope you people will like them.

Some worth watching shots:

Will post some fun moments @ Veda Informatics soon…!!

Thank you so much for spending your precious time 🙂 can I ask you for some more time to write a comment 😛 , much appreciated, Thanks!!!

~ Kuntal

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009 | Author:

When not in office, I think…

Who would have opposed Rupali from switching on the fan?

Who would have distracted the team with killers?

Who would have connived with Priya to annoy Shalini?

Who would have given people a chance to crack gay jokes?

Who else would have laughed at what Arunesh said?

Who would have told Deb B that winters are still a month away?

Whom would Palash mentor?

Who would mentor Asif? (vested interests involved)

Who will gossip with Ranjit in Punjabi?

Who would persuade Vidya, Raji and Hammad to HOB? (Beware Saurav and Maheswaran.. u dirty minds.. there are more things common between them than just the gender.. both are new joinees)

Who would discuss winter vacation plans with Mayank?

Who would eat up Swapna‘s lunch ? Oh no, many people are fighting for that!!

I am coming tomorrow.

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Thursday, June 18th, 2009 | Author:

A minute ago, I just realized that there was not even a single member of the content team around. Swapna is working, but thousands of miles away. Vidya and Pallavi are also out of town. Ranjit’s leg is still troubling her. Asif and Raji have not been keeping well. Mayank, I guess, is preparing for his exams.  Oh my god, this is sounding like a leave request mail.  But, i am not done. Priya and Shalini have left. Palash, where are you? Oh…here he comes. And, Piyush sir (in our dearest Sachin’s language) ko bahar ghoomne ki hawa lag gayi hai ! 🙂

Missing you all…

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