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Tuesday, March 30th, 2010 | Author:

I received a rosary from a priest last Sunday. Touching a few beads ,I gave them each a name.  I called the first bead, ‘Love’. The bead whispered, ‘Converge Love and Diverge Love’. There is a story of a seeker who wept openly at the mere sight of a hill,a mountain a flower or a river. One day someone asked him  “Why do you cry?”

He replied:” Looking at these icons of nature I hear a voice which says, ‘Do not be thankless! ‘ You have forgotten the creator of the universe. This rattles my soul and so I weep”. That call for the universe is beautiful and we are lucky to be part of it.

Love binds us with silken threads. We get bonded; we get linked with people whom we love. Love unites us. By loving the supreme, you are united with Him, for you will feel God’s presence within you and around you. When you love God, you will learn to love others and your life will be built on the foundation of love.

I called the second bead ‘Humility’. It says: “Give up Pride.” Just as eating food and drinking water are necessary for living, it is necessary to practice humility. One has to pay a price for being egoistic.

How foolish is to say, “I did this, I did that! “This  ‘ego-intoxication’ must -go! For what am ‘I’ but a flickering candle that at the dawn will die!

The third bead is ‘Peace’. It says: “Don’t be angry. Keep you cool.” Anger  is harmful. One mother got angry because her child was troubling her while she was working. She admonished the child, but the child continued to play mischief. The enraged mother  picked up the child and threw him down. Every headless act is sinful but there is much more irrationality in anger.

With love, humility and peaceful disposition, your path can only become more pleasant and less difficult.

Monday, March 09th, 2009 | Author:

Just to heave a sigh of relief, I felt to have a heart to heart talk with you, “will making efforts be the solution to this havoc or there is no help for it?”.

Ever wondered why the shape of our land is very authentic, why it is so elegant than the whole world ? Our national anthem will make you aware about its undisputed origin. The nature had made it to be developed and prospered but, the fellows residing by does not want to stand upon the ceremony and motions those folks to a chair of power who pledges to live up with high expectations, finally disdain your feelings and leave you in gloom. No blind man can be a judge of colors. If we know it well then why often to play fool.

By many means this country is being eroded by many secular folks, not only insurgency but also terrorist attacks, riots and many more has been faced by this country. As the land of wisdom is getting occupied by irrational and indiscreet fellows the shape of land is also getting hostile and loath. As the acquitting people are getting replaced by penalized one, the day is very near when country will no more be announced as the land of honesty and uprightness.

This is a land of peace and power of humanity, the oomph we are using to destroy it, should be placed to protect our land, its brotherhood and to regain the value of politics which has been turned to a lucrative profession now a days.

If still the blue stockings of the country does not want to rise up for it, there is no help for it.

Monday, January 12th, 2009 | Author:

900 gone and still counting are official figures and media people are not allowed inside the Gaza strip. They have twisted rules of war where women, children, religious, medical and educational institutions should be spared. “Rules” are meant for convenience and this war has proved that. The amount of civilian and child casualty this 2 week of war has seen is enormous. More than 250 children have been killed and same numbers comprising of women.

It is amusing to me. They should halt violence as early as possible and try to stabilize the region. We have had enough. Israel has unleashed a flurry of future weapons on its poor neighbour left, right and centre. The pictures released by the IDF and independent photographs leaves heavy doze incentives and applaud to private Israeli as well as government weapon manufacturers. Although the Israeli army insists that they are using weapons prescribed by the UN at the same time refused to name the kind of lethal toxics used to neutralize petty militants. For example the IDF is using artillery fired white phosphorus used as smoke screen and should not be used in civilian area. My question is ‘are they fighting a superpower”? To make matters worse comes a comment from Major General Yoav Galant, the head of the army’s southern command, that the assault is a “once in a generation” opportunity to strike and “If we don’t do that we’ll be missing an historic opportunity” he was quoted as saying in the Israel based Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper.

Thursday, January 08th, 2009 | Author:

This tribute is to honor the memory of Akhilesh, who passed away last week. 

Little things about Akhilesh seep into our minds at this time, like his love for cricket and music and his sincerity to work. It’s hard to remember his deep calm demeanor and not be sad but it’s the best way to honor this man whose goodness leaves us with fond memories. 


During this hour of sadness, our prayers are with his mother, brother and sister. May Akhilesh’s soul rest in eternal peace. 



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