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Wednesday, February 25th, 2009 | Author:

It is high time that politicians in India should take an unconventional path of reaching out. The INTERNET.  While the top ones seems to be aware of the potential. They cannot afford to do it now and lag behind the race, lots of bucks at stake + an un tapped potential for reaching out.

FYI Barrack H Obama raised over half a billion dollars for his election campaign over twenty one months and managed a lavish opening ceremony, after becoming the president of US.

While the right winged BJP seem to be catching on- to understand- the reach. Majority of the political parties in India appear to be lost. LK Advani’s website is powered by Blogs possibly taking a cue from the American style of web campaign.

Any why not, there is a catch here. According to reports, there are merely 55,000 active bloggers in India and users are growing. The parties should find themselves in the webspace more from now onwards. I also understand limitations like internet accessibility, user friendly environment, literacy and foremost funding. At the saem time we all know how much amount of money goes into the campaign (the difference as well. What is allotted by the election commission and the amount that is spent). Thousands of IT and non IT professionals can derive direct/indirect employment with this exercise. I am not at all counting the reach and public relation activity which will follow. Digitalizing a political party will ensure transparency (to a great extent), that connect with the decision makers and one step close to what I see digital India as. With the assembly elections inching in, there is still a lot to do and LOT of education.

Thursday, February 12th, 2009 | Author:

Communication without any doubt is the heart of human society in all spheres of life. In past few years modes of communication has evolved faster than any other technology in the history of human race.But the fastest growing and evolving mode of communication is the wireless or mobile communication.

The mobile communication has completely restructured the equation between communication, technology, and society by unwiring the networks of our lives.One perfect example of this is mobile phone .Earlier phones used to be a tool to connect with each other.But today Mobiles have become a connectivity gadget ,a fashion accessory and above all an expression of identity for us. We can hardly imagine our life without it.In last few years it has made a irreplaceable corner in our lives. The another example of it is the internet which helps us connect with whole world within fractions of seconds. Through it we gain the access to the entire world out there.The sites like Google has become so much a part of our life that we kind of try to find everything on it.We want everything on internet. Be it information, food ,gadgets , train or air tickets , kind of everything.

The mobile communication has given us the freedom to pursue fairly independent activities and yet be constantly in touch. We can be out of office and can still can reach our working environments from anywhere and at any time. Today students can communicate face to face with their teachers ,classmates without being in classroom, through their laptops and cell phones. We can be anywhere in the world and can still be with our family and friends. Within fraction of seconds money can be transferred from one corner of the world to the other. There is an old saying that World is a small place , wireless technology has actually proved it true.

We all are enjoying this new found freedom of expression and connectivity. But In the race of being connected or stay online 24*7 we hardly ever think of other side of it. We can hardly see that mobile communication has given birth to a virtual society around us. A society which has got it own culture and language which is based on textual communication. The horizons of this society are unlimited .So are its good and bad effects. We all are a part of this virtual society in one or other way.

Cyber crime is also one face of this technology which has been on the rise over the last couple of years. Remember Adnan Patrawala the 16-year-old son, of a businessman from Bombay, who was abducted and killed by his Orkut friends. We all know Orkut is a well known social networking site. Adnan’s case is not an isolated one .There are many such cases. Every now and then we come across cases of hacking, obscenity, e-commerce fraud, Internet-related crimes.

The social awareness is another side of it. Equipped with cell phones and laptops, people have started pitching into the battle to clean up the system and society. Today people float mails on social issues just to make their knowns aware of things happening around us. Many times we get mails on laws and rules. One perfect example i can put here of women and election related laws. if you remember there had been a massive outcry over the murder case of Jessica Lal a fashion model, who was shot in a Delhi bar by the son of a politician. People have come together through Internet,SMS and electronic media and have shown their support. Priyadarshini Matoo case is another example of it. This is a wonderful example in which mobile communication has brought people together and made them stand against injustice. This may not change the verdict but at least we can make sure our voices are heard.

In all, fact is that every technology has its own good and bad points and the same applies to mobile communication as well. What i believe is that nothing is completely black or white in this world. Its our perception and execution thats makes anything black or white. So its us who have to decide that how we have to use this technology to the best so that we can benefit our society and coming generations from it.