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Monday, October 12th, 2009 | Author:

Lie often told eventually becomes a truth- Said by V Lenin.

Last time when I saw “Delhi-6” and then to some extent “Mumbai Meri Jaan” where rumors took shape of facts, I felt that the filmmaker actually picked facts and tried to say-what he felt. Nowadays, we do not look informative and public interest programmes or capsules too often, forget about being creative enough. I came across a video -perhaps produced by the FTII guys- which I liked a lot and have faint memories of watching them on our B/W Binatone TV at home. It came on Doordarshan. With Diwali just around the corner rumors mongers can just be on prowl. Beaware of them and do not let rumors get in your head.

I can also relate rumors with unpolished and non-credible news coming through wires. It reaches TV stations and news hungry editors without confirming the veracity or source of the news is ready with a 3 minute breaking news kind of an arrangement to feed we-the-people.

I know I deviated a little from my topic but this is also which I wanted to express, somehow.

Please do watch this Video

Wednesday, August 05th, 2009 | Author:

After the Rakhi Sawant Tamasha, Rahul Mahajan- another noisy chap is going to spit cheap thrills this time. What is happening? The TV guys just do not know where to stop. Personal matter is big business these days. I did not see a single episode of the ‘Rakhi ka Swayamvar’ – am I outdated, since I have not being following what happened on which dates, who got chosen by the my-fair-lady and who was the poor chap. I do not find the need to watch useless crap with full respect to my friends who happen to see that show quite diligently and finally being a part of water cooler discussion. I see my colleagues watching Rakhi episodes in office – courtesy YouTube (revealing a secret, please excuse me) but I could not stop myself saying “why the hell do you want to see that?”

I have a feverish repugnance against certain youth oriented TV shows MTV Splitsvilla, Channel V Roadies, Big Boss. These fiction-meets reality type of shows are getting popular now. Another theory that rounds the gossip market is ‘you can hate it but cannot ignore these reality shows’. What is the impact on the young audience, children particularly ? I am not getting into morality issues, but the effect will come in different shades, the psyche , behavior, attitude and conduct towards elders and peers.

Even the web is dripping under the Rakhi effect, After some historic Swayamvars listing Ram-Sita and Draupadi-  Rakhi comes in the list .

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