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Tag line of Nestle

Tag line of Nestle

Let’s start a self test.

Have you heard about Maggi?
How many of you have tried this humble dish at least once in your life?
How many of you like it?
Can you eat it any time when you are hungry?
Does the magical aroma of the tastemaker leave you asking who’s cooking?

If there are more yes’s then you are a self-proclaimed Maggi loyalist.

Despite loads of USP this humble snack contains Pickloo my friend adds, “this (Maggi) is going to ruin our traditional Indian eating habit” He gets infuriated, “It has no value addition, is this some kind of a food?”

His comment comes to me as a dasher, where in my mind I wish to put Maggi (at least for the younger and selective few from the older generation) as a national food. A national food? They have introduced a range to fit in the Indian bill such as Dal Sambhar, Chatpata, tomato, Vegetable Atta, Shahi Pulao, Bhuna masala, rice mania, Lemon masala apart from the extremely popular masala. Dry vegetables like carrots, beans and onions are also part of the growing strategy to penetrate deep inside the large undivided and hugely fragmented Indian market.

Are you wondering if Nestle has bribed me to write in favor of this? No, FYI Take this: the Maggi lovers at Orkut have 38, 251 and Facebook have 16, 252 members and growing. I am leaving that endless stream of bloggers and self-confessed Maggi lovers who have an online presence, I am sure that the numbers are astronomical at the offline world. For the meat lovers, Maggi, was basically a substitute ‘cheap Meat extract’. It also has over a 100 year presence in history and the origin lies in Eastern European countries – Switzerland, Germany and Austria were the first adaptors and random surveys shout ‘Indians are the highest consumers of Maggi’.

So what’s so special about Maggi? This humble 2 minute smacking item cuts across region, religion, caste, gender, creed, age and has remained a top choice for urban mothers and pampered children when it comes to that evening snack. Evening? We have really lived on this scrumptious food that’s easily available and cheap, an absolute delite for our unplanned breakfasts, impromptu dinners and planned brunches at various point of our lives. My friend Vikram previously had rebuked me to initiate any kind of experiments with Maggi-‘Milk Maggi’. But, my friend, I believe in this process and it is surely going to attract people some day.

What does it takes to have a bowl of it? Rs 10 and 2 minutes.Do you feel the same?

@ Pickloo is going to kill me

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  1. 1

    Maggi has ZERO nutrition value. That’s all I have to say.. I admit the aroma is irresistible..

    I am not sure how someone will use Maggi as a “smacking item” 🙂

  2. 2

    Bas 2 minute

  3. 3
    Piyush Nigam 

    Maggi does conjure up a lot of associations and most of them delicious.
    Maggi Point on the way to Mussoorie – serving hot maggi to travelers on the final leg of their journey.
    The fist feeling of ‘I can make my own meal’ at age 10.
    Sitting at the dhaba outside the college having a ‘deluxe’ maggi with tomatoes, onions and chillies friend in along with an egg!
    The ‘pause the movie and get a bite break’ between DVD shows at home.

    Nutrition wise it is probably not much beyond carbs, but does somehow make interesting moments….

  4. 4

    hey guys ..
    do try it at Tom Uncle’s Maggi point (opposite Khalsa College)
    tho, i hav a feelin that I make better maggi..

    two lines dedicated to me n maggi..

    my mom was out of town
    and i skipped the dinner
    making maggi for breakfast
    made me feel like a winner

    bear me guyz…..

  5. 5

    Maggie is an essential part of our childhood. Does anyone remember growing up without Maggie? Doesn’t Maggie bring back memories of friends together, doing mad things and satiating hunger with Maggie? I am still to discover someone who doesn’t associate Maggie with fun times in life. And now my daughter is doing the same.

    It isn’t about nutritional value – it’s about love, together and memories of fun-filled, carefree days when whipping up a bowl of Maggie was all that was required to complete the sense of enjoyment.

  6. 6

    Here I am, I got people’s experiences and hot spots out in public and that was the idea behind this blog. Romila, true, I hope that the generation next to your daughter should cherish Maggi as much you and I did. Piyush, the Maggi point you mentioned used to be my evening destination with friends and I know how beautiful the scene could be. Ankit I know what it feels when you create something worthwhile with whatever resources you have handy. (Maggi in this case).

    Maggi and memories should go hand in hand…Thanks Romila for sharing your moments..

  7. 7
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  8. 8

    Try the “Top Ramen noodles” It is much better than Maggi noodles, thicker and more tasty. I stopped Maggi and switched to Top Ramen.

  9. 9
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