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Have you noticed clocks at TV commercials, print advertisements, I mean most of them. It shows Ten Ten. Often thought what the logic is behind it. The leading clock manufacturers imply that it is a standard some other confirmed sources justify by saying that that it (the positioning of the arms gives a smiley kind of look. There are rounds of theories that go around pertaining this standard practice such as timing of Lincoln’s assassination, the first bomb falling over Hiroshima, even Gandhiji’s watch recently auctioned bears that timing – 10:10. Some can argue what’s there in this time, it occur everyday over the years and it will, in years to come. Anyways, I never received a convincing answer which I have kept looking for many years.

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    what was the time when the clock got invented?

  2. 2

    He he, that’s an upside of your killer!

  3. Oh bydway who invented the clock ?

    n most of the time U wud also notice the Seconds hand telling around 37 seconds making it 10:10:37

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