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har nayi cheez ke baare mein
woh bachchon si dilchaspi
aur badon sa pyar dikhaake
kandhe par dena thappi

bade bade sapnon ko lekar
chchoti khushiyaan jeena
woh akhbaar ke safhe palat kar
maze se cigarette peena

uss hansi mein shauk hai
shauk hanste rehne ka
un baaton mein jo bhi ho
shukriya unhe kehne ka

kisi ke roomie, kisi se baangla,
har rishta inka anokha
Sab se Love, mujh se **x
par kisi ko na de dhokha

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14 Responses

  1. Arre, Palash ke gam mein tum toh shayar ban gaye, Chadha sahab.

    But yes, I could visualize everything you have mentioned about Palash here. Poetry is good, but the subject (Palash) is amazing :)… which is what made this poem special.

  2. 2

    lovely poem Ankit…yes we all are missing Pala so much….his presence makes a lot of difference…Pala pls come back soon

  3. 3

    Very nice poem to express true feelings by our gr8 shaayar!!!!!! But really missin u very much, Palash!

  4. 4
    Romila Sundaresan 

    You have said everything that we all are feeling Ankit – such a nice poem. Meri sangat ka asar, I think.

    The fact is that we miss Paul Da, his spamming on FB, his questions and comments in the meetings. I miss him most of all because now I realise what a horrid job he is doing. He will faint when he sees the state of Ops when he comes back – I have made a total mess of all his spread sheets!!!

    When Paulie is missing, the office seems incomplete and the vacant chair at the end of my row just makes it worse.

    Missing you Paul Da…

  5. 5
    Vidya R 

    wow wow… such a poetic display of affection!!!
    this will definetly lure palash to come back sooner.. 🙂

  6. 6
    Pawan Arora 

    What happened? where is Palash? Can somebody please tell me what is happening? Is he fine?

  7. hi pawan, how r u doing? Palash is totally fine and enjoying himself in Kolkata. The team is missing the Ops guy on vacation. This was an expression of our feelings.

  8. Yes, it has been too long, Palash… come back 🙂

    (Palash must be having hiccups all day today)

  9. By the way, I just realized that I had also been gone for 10 days and not even one person said “missed you”


    Ankit, please quickly think up a poem in my taarif and all of you will be given 0.25 points for writing that you miss me… oh it doesnt work anymore, since i’m back… deal is off

  10. 10

    Palash dude come back soon….hope you are enjoying your vacation…..
    @ankit – good poem mate…couldn’t have said it better!!!
    @priya – we all missed you a lot…..i swear, we missed you!!!! its the truth, absolute truth!!!!!

  11. 11

    Hinnn.. Hinn.. Hinn..

    Mai bhi to itne dino se gayab tha… mujhe kisi ne nahi poocha..

    Hinnn.. Hinn.. Hinn..

  12. 12
    Pawan Arora 

    Hey Ankit, I m doing gud. Hope Palash will come soon n tum sab k dardo ka nivaran kare…

  13. 13
    Palash Das 

    Thanks all. I am back from my vacations and now back to work. let us do some good job, thanks a lot Romila and Priya you too and thank you very much Ankit for writing something that comes straight out of heart and you normally do not spend too much time thinking about what to write about. I kind of know that. 🙂

  14. 14
    Palash Das 

    Feel flattered!

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