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Everytime I switch on TV, there are more ads than programs. Sometimes it is even more interesting than watching a TV program. Sometimes, it is not. The interesting thing is there are many ads that are really interesting or meaningful or reflective of a deeper meaning. We notice some, forget some and love some.  Here are just a few that I have grown to love:

  • HDFC Standard life insurance with the slogan, “Sar  utha ke jiyo ” which is a very touching ad about an aged couple learning to grow old and financially independent with dignity – the dream in every middle class Indian family.
  • Bank of India’s piggy bank ad is one that truly tugs my heart.

  • Naukri’s famous Hari Sadu ad is so mean and hilarious that no one can forget it.
  • Fevicol ads are so funny and creative though we haven’t seen too many being ‘revised’ or ‘rehashed’ or updated as often as we would love to. The new one with Katrina in it was no fun at all.
  • HCL ad with the slogan, “technology that touches lives” is quite unrealistic and exaggerated.
  • Pears soap ad which featured a little girl closing her eyes and wanting to open it only when she can see her mom because her mom is her lucky talisman. I love this ad.
  • Sprint ads are so funny and clear headed. The “Bheja fry” ad is just awesome!
  • HSBC egg ad where you have a home maker making egg differently for different members of the family and then using an egg to put in her hair. It’s an ad conveying that different people have different needs.
  • Tata Sky Plus ad which features Aamir Khan and Gul Panag as a married couple with Aamir pretending to the dishes and grocery shopping for his wife and the clinch is what gets you at the end of the ad.

Tell me, which ones are your favorite ads?

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  1. One real smart one with a lovely song is the Limca Ad.

  2. 2

    The New York Life Insurance Ad, the one where the old man dives into the lake – The Ad reflects the different phases of one’s life, the sacrifices one makes and finally the end which can almost bring a tear to the eye.

  3. oh what about this Centerfresh Ad, its extreme funny when the workers stop working and there is a ‘Slap’ (sound) to break that pin drop silence 😉

    n who can forget those funniest WebChutney Ads, however these were more popular in the online world!.. one of them is this….

    Few others like the Ad of ‘Jago Re‘ n the following ‘TOI -Lead India Ad‘ are some heart touching and Inspiring ones:

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    Winter Thea Bear 

    Love Tum Chalo. I the USA we hit the mute button for EVERY commercial because they are loud and most of the make little or no sence what so ever.

  5. Tum Chalo is fantastic.. One of the best..

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    Krishna Sharma 

    Hey, nice post and nice observation.

    I feel you could have mentioned the IBM ads, I never understand any of their Ads. All what makes sense to me in their Ads is their Logo.

    I worked with IBM for more than 2 years, but even this could not influence my thoughts (or the lack of it) about their ads 🙂

  7. 7

    Hey Krishna, thanks yaar. I can’t remember a single IBM ad….will check it out for sure…..thanks again 🙂

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