Your corporate identity can make or break your business because this is what makes your customers form their first impression of you and your business. This means that the basis of your corporate identity is a strong visual foundation. The first element of this foundation is the logo design. The face of your company is put forward through all your business communication, from business cards, letterheads and brochures to the company website. The colours and the design elements that you choose for these means of communication build your corporate identity.

From Vision to Reality with Veda Informatics

The perfect balance between creative design, innovative thinking and cutting edge technology is what our team at Veda Informatics promises to ensure that we bridge the gap between your business vision and reality. The skill and experience of our graphic designers helps us create unique, yet professional, design ideas for each client.

The process that we follow to create corporate identity is as follows:

  • Understanding the client’s business and analysis of needs
  • Initial design creation and incorporating changes and revisions based on client feedback
  • Development and implementation of design
  • Evaluation

We, at Veda Informatics, understand that it is your corporate identity that will create brand recognition for your products and services among your target audience.

Corporate Identity Services at Veda Informatics

  • Business Logo Design
  • E-Catalogue Design
  • Corporate Presentation
  • Brochure Design
  • Packages Design
  • Designing Online Marketing Material
  • Label Design
  • Book Cover Design
  • CD/ DVD Cover Design
  • Annual Report Design
  • Stationary Design
  • Email and Newsletter Design
  • Display and Signage Design

And much more… contact us today for a free consultation.