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I stand in front of 1, Manak Vihar, ND-92 crossroad and smell the CWG flavour of the day, spruced up roads, pavements and the yellow halogen lights kiss the black bitumen. The recent rains have provided the needed moisture, the greens, on the either sides of the roads wanting for. As the nicotine goes up in the air, I just realized that it’s been 4 years.

mujhe aaj hi shift karne ka hai,” that was said 4 years ago to him. How many of you want to share the first day @Veda excitement with me? My first full time job at the Manak Vihar basement came as a relief in multiple shots. Much has changed since then? The apartment B-131, 2nd floor was the best place on earth, at least to me. I had the best paranthas, freshly prepared dal, some rice and chappatis carefully wrapped around a thin muslin cloth inside the hot-case three times a day, mind it.

One independent room of freedom and some crazy room mates, definitely. Love, Rajan, Pawan and Vikram are great guys to know.

Before I tried to educate myself, as to how to draw the line between office colleagues and room mates, I found myself among them. B-131, had a party every day read nights of fun, debauchery and frolic complete with the sweet smelling liquid whereas the air turned pungent sometimes. How many of you remember Khach, khach?

So many pals from Tech, Apna– Ashok, Partha, Sriram and Priyanku in particular. Priyanku, do you remember the Anand Vihar railway station trip?

Highlights of B-131

One night we caught 25 rats

In one single day over 8 bottles went down the drains

3 bachelors tied knots

All the original members are still in touch and staying close by

Traces of spirits felt

Dai made his maiden flight trip from this place and important projects of course.

And lot more….I’ll remember Pawan for his pucca Punjabiness and opening ‘dukans’, Love’s louve for people, Rajan’s ‘khana’ and Vikram’s ‘dai-giri’. They are, and will be wonderfully successful people, I pray.

B-131 still stands strong somehow, minus the roomies. B-131 will miss us and so will we. It’s time to shift and move ahead.

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  1. 1

    Hey Palash..

    its all so nostalgic.. B-131 was really THE BEST PLACE..

    there are so many moments that we all had shared… it will always be one of the most cherished part of our lives..

    I still remember when u shifted there.. u said that Yaar yeh log toh bhangra mein baat karte hain 🙂

    I and Love used to visit B-131 whenever we used to feel low. Coming to u all and B-131 was such a relief. We surely are gonna miss all this…

    U took some time to sink in that u were staying with the craziest people.

  2. 2

    Arre yaar… kya yaad dila diya…
    When I heard that everybody is moving from B-131… had a thought for last party in it.

  3. 3

    Aankh me aansu jaisa aa gaya yaar…. 🙁

  4. 4

    I always miss B-131 ans you guys…God bless u!!

  5. 5

    vah re bhai … purre 4 saal, aankhoon ke samne se juzar gaye …. !!!!

  6. 6

    Hey, by the way, which pic is this ?? I don’t remember that lady !!

  7. 7

    she is the only kaam-chor kaam wali

  8. 8

    And Rajan is the one who found this place for rent.

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