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900 gone and still counting are official figures and media people are not allowed inside the Gaza strip. They have twisted rules of war where women, children, religious, medical and educational institutions should be spared. “Rules” are meant for convenience and this war has proved that. The amount of civilian and child casualty this 2 week of war has seen is enormous. More than 250 children have been killed and same numbers comprising of women.

It is amusing to me. They should halt violence as early as possible and try to stabilize the region. We have had enough. Israel has unleashed a flurry of future weapons on its poor neighbour left, right and centre. The pictures released by the IDF and independent photographs leaves heavy doze incentives and applaud to private Israeli as well as government weapon manufacturers. Although the Israeli army insists that they are using weapons prescribed by the UN at the same time refused to name the kind of lethal toxics used to neutralize petty militants. For example the IDF is using artillery fired white phosphorus used as smoke screen and should not be used in civilian area. My question is ‘are they fighting a superpower”? To make matters worse comes a comment from Major General Yoav Galant, the head of the army’s southern command, that the assault is a “once in a generation” opportunity to strike and “If we don’t do that we’ll be missing an historic opportunity” he was quoted as saying in the Israel based Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper.

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  1. good post

  2. 2

    Great thoughts in this post-if we do not find a way to love and cherish one another soon I think it is game over for humanity. I love this blog so much -thanks for all of the great posts and people who contribute!

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    I wish that they could find a peaceful solution.

    I don’t in any way condone Israel’s military action, however, peace only works if both sides remain peaceful.

    It only takes one person to keep lobbing rockets across into Israel, and sooner or later you come to the point where you say “Enough is enough!”.

    If only Israel could have the determination to try and not retaliate, and if only both sides could try to ensure that individual acts of aggression did not take place, I think there could be a solution to the problem.

    The saddest part with any conflict like this is that innocent people always get hurt. Hundreds of Palestinians have been killed or injured in this latest scuffle, and this just helps fuel the hatred of one side for the other. As long as attacks continue on either side, grudges will be formed, that will last for generations.

    I’m not sure what the U.N. can do if anything, but surely something can be done to defuse the situation in the Gaza Strip.

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    its really very nice blog

  5. Thanks Palash for writing such touching post !

    @ Annie Thanks!

    @ Devin, Thanks ! You are right, well said !

    @ Tony, its true, whenever such situation arises, mainly innocent people are killed. I wish too, as soon as it ends, to save humanity.

    @ Shilpi Thanks, we look forward for more encouraging comments!

  6. If you truly want PEACE. Stop fighting over God’s name or
    how or when to “WORSHIP” Him. No two men alive has the same perception or understanding of another mans reality or reason to percieve what is real. GOD IS LOVE NOT WAR. If we make war over God that is Blasphemy in the highest sense. Their are some 300 different churches in my town here in the USA. Which one is right ? -NONE- They are ALL BLINDED by their own arrogance. We are merely 2 fleas arguing over who ownes a dog’s back… God dosn’t want “worship” – He want’s OBEDIENCE – PEACE and LOVE.

    Winter Thea Bear aka merlynsmajicknight

  7. 7

    Good One

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    Hi all,
    Thanks for responding and I found one common string in all the posts. NO ONE WANTS A WAR. I am neither an atheist not an absolute non-believer, i am a conformist. If we go by historical conflicts throughout the world and over the years, it has been fought over land and rights to live on it. Considering the sensitivity of this holy region, it becomes tough to judge who is right. True neither of the sides are living a life one should ideally lead. Both the sides are dwelling with fear. This is not the world I would like to see. I also realise that it is easy to comment on something which is far from an office in India. But the plight of innocent people? I feel that perhaps.

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    I really liked your post, Palash, as it is so relevant to the times that we live in. As some one who believes strongly in God as Love, here are some of my thoughts on this:

    1. War is not something that brings solutions, it never has.

    2. God and the supremacy of religion will always continue to be issues of debate and even intolerance, no matter how many wars we wage. The very act of destruction violates all that God means to millions of believers, no matter what their religion is.

    3. No government has the right to destroy the lives of innocent people but every government has a democratic right to strike when its space is blatantly violated. The choice is one that should be weighed carefully, with a thorough understanding of risk factors.

    4. Let’s expect no miracles from the UN which is really a sinking ship.

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    Thanks Vikram and thanks Swapna. True war is certainly not a solution to settle land dispute. I also realise that this war is just not being fought over just another piece of land. Stakes are high because this region is origination of Zionism, Christianity and the Muslim faith respectively.

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    Since the time I wrote that piece, the total count of dead have risen to 1000. Very sad. I urge the UN to intervene immediately and not a lame organisation!

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    The UN lost it’s teeth and US wont use them. It took a battery of European heavyweights namely like Italy, Germany, the UK, Spain and the Czech republic holding a press con at Jerusalem yesterday to initiate a temporary ceasefire at the Gaza Strip.

    It takes more pain to listen adamant politicians making public rhetoric day in and day out. What happens to the 1.5 Million people alive is another question? What is more concerning is the fact that neither the Israeli nor the Hamas group’s leadership has accepted defeat. At what cost ? Today more than 1300 Palestinians and 13 Israeli lives have gone and the numbers are highly going towards the upper end.

    Towards a peaceful solution I feel that it is high time we understand value of a human life. And provide life a chance to win. Like the old olive trees in that region, that has withstood every bit of sun and wind. A regional stability in that region is an immediate requirement and further hostile actions will only fuel anger and desperation throughout the world.


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