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Monday, May 17th, 2010 | Author:

Just few days back I came across this wonderful story from Mahabharata; this story was told by Bhishma to Yudhishtira. This story is an example of amazing loyalty and compassion which we find missing in today’s world. I was not able to find anything to write for blogging contest this time but when I read this story I thought of sharing this with everyone in Veda Family. Here the story goes….

Long time ago in a forest near Kasi (known as Varanasi now) lived a giant tree.  Its branches were spread for miles around. This gaint tree gave shelter to many birds and animals like monkeys, squirrels etc. All types of birds had nests on this tree. Even snakes and lizards crawled beneath the tree seeking shade in hot days. All these living creatures were secure and happy under this tree. One day a hunter launched a poisoned arrow into trunk of tree while chasing its prey. Due to the harmful effects of the poison the leaves started falling from the tree and the branches started to tremor. All the inhabitants of the tree started running away from tree after they recognized the trouble. There was just one parrot who refused to leave the tree- its shelter in such condition. Everyone tried to persuade him to leave for his well being but he was just not ready to leave his home.

God was amazed by such conduct; he was surprised that how such a small creature can have such traits when humans don’t have it. He appeared in front of bird in guise of a priest and advised it to leave the tree.  He asked the bird that there are many other trees in the forest that are laden with green leaves and fruits then why you don’t want to leave this tree and go to one of them. The bird replied:  This is the place where I was born, here in this tree I gained all the good traits of my character and here I took shelter from all my enemies and natural hazards. Should I now abandon the one who has always been my support?  The Vedas themselves teach –Matr Devo Bhav, Pitr Devo Bhav, guru devo bhav (means honor your mother, father and guru like God). This tree has been all to me. Should I abandon it now?  Pleased by the bird’s conduct God revealed his identity and offered the parrot a wish. The parrot pleaded the God to save the tree; God saved the tree by showering nectar on it. The tree was saved just because of a small bird because that bird had sense of gratitude towards its benefactor.

This story teaches us to always be loyal to those who have offered shelter to us and who has been our support in bad times. We should never forget the people who have been compassionate towards us. If we are unable to see God in one who has been our help then we can-not see God anywhere. Whatever virtues, qualities we may have but without loyalty and compassion they are worthless. Being ungrateful is the worst thing that one can ever do.

The prime cause behind sharing this story with all of you is Veda. Through this story I wanted to give a message that I would have not been able to give otherwise.  By the God’s grace Veda is in no such state, instead we have started our journey towards a bigger goal and we all know that the path to that goal is not going to be a piece of cake. There will be ups and downs for sure. What I expect from all of us to have loyalty and compassion that a little bird had shown towards the tree. Veda has always been shelter to fresh talent and welcomed it with open arms. Most of the people who are currently part of Veda family; had joined here as a fresher. When the world was not ready to accept us and give a chance to our talent, Veda did. We have gained all our knowledge and experience from this place and now is the time to hold our hands together and support our own nest. Whatever we are today worth of that’s all because of this wonderful company and now it’s our chance to give something back to it by supporting it up with our knowledge, experience and hard work.  I believe that all of us feel the same but still I wanted to say this to everyone at Veda. I have full faith that we will fare through this very well and will become a much more successful company tomorrow. Today we are proud of this company which is an integral part of our lives and tomorrow also when we will look back I am sure we will be prouder.

The greater the loyalty of a group towards the group, the greater is the motivation among the members to achieve the goals of the group, and the greater the probability that the group will achieve its goals.”

Thursday, October 15th, 2009 | Author:

“Some are destined to succeed, some are determined to succeed !”H. H. Swami Tejomayananda

I and some of you should believe on the latter one. Fortitude to minimize gaps in what we want to achieve thinking about a larger picture in mind is what it is required today. I have learnt about energy within and I also know that energy is neither negative nor positive. Our own personalization of events and the thoughts coming in and out determines the character of the energy.

Do not complain- Can you start practicing this for a week. Take this habit to work, family and other interpersonal relationships. Swami Vivekananda has said once, and the central idea of Bhagwad Gita is “to work incessantly”. I was watching this video where Nick without his arms or limbs trying to recreate a pack of school girls and at the end of his speech he tell everybody how to stand up “on his own”. In one of the lines he also mentions, “It matters how you finish, and you gonna finish strong.” You know it is true.

We have a purpose in life and that purpose has been predetermined already. It is different case if you realize your true purpose today or tomorrow. The crux should be, perform – failed? Perform again- failed -do it again.

I know a new golfer (at least his twitter account) defines him somehow. I also know how passionate he is about this sport. I have never played this game, but what I come to know from him, largely is that a golfer tries to focus on ‘that great shot’ and keeps improving. He will never remember the bad shots. He will recreate the good pull he made at that moment and better it. Same with life, people are busy really busy. Can we recollect that great conversation we made today, or a nice sale or for that matter that great meeting with one? If you start looking for it, you will be surprised that there are more in store.

Unattached and zero-expectations from life. Possible or not possible? Try a little charity without expecting something. Vivekananda has said, be cheated million times and never ask a question. Can we give selflessly without expecting gratitude? Rather we should be grateful that we have an opportunity to practice charity somehow.

Please see this Video..Thank you

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A bunch of would be doctors beat up a nineteen year old fresher to death. An incident of Rajendra Prasad Medical College, Kangra, HP which shocked the nation can become an accident of the past, but the Supreme Court of India’s judgment is truly commendable. The court taking clue of “rampant alcoholism” at education places has directed counselling and de-addiction centres in all educational institutions as mandatory. Albeit how seriously we implement it is a different thing but what surprised me is the selection process of medical students. I have learnt that ragging is an accepted norm quite similar to a child being beaten up by his parents and not telling the world about it.

Quoting the father of deceased boy Aman from Delhi, Dr. Kachroo who said that people are usually indifferent to issues like ragging, unless something like this (death) happens. We do not realize that ragging leaves a scar on an impressionable mind. The cruelty meted out on student days manifests in some or the other ways. Rightly said Dr. Kachroo, I agree with you.

A complete degradation of values, I would say. Violence in any form leaves an indelible mark in a growing child’s brain and the actions are thrown in various ways. It can be the way he talks, the way he handles issues (at home or at work) or you can say it can affect his moral psyché.

Bullying or ragging – I accept is an old practice, but off late may be in the past ten years or so, the introduction of newcomers has taken a sharp turn (of course for worse). Victims suffer from long term emotional and behavioral problems, low self esteem and depression also. If I get inside the skin of a bully for a while I’d, I would say. ‘Once a bully always a bully’.

He may behave differently or sound unorthodox but his traits remain the same. A bully will be authoritative, envious and full of resent. A hazer (an American term of a bully) has insecurity combined with a hyper need to control or dominate peers.

Ragging is everywhere Army, Medical colleges, universities, schools, government offices, corporate blocks where violence is re-defined. Verbal assaults, fixated slang and rigid approach to life in general I’d interpret a bully. Do we need baggage? The court’s decision to separate drug users/ alcoholics from students and instate psychiatrist at educational institutions is the right approach to deal with this growing issue.

Tuesday, March 10th, 2009 | Author:
Tag line of Nestle

Tag line of Nestle

Let’s start a self test.

Have you heard about Maggi?
How many of you have tried this humble dish at least once in your life?
How many of you like it?
Can you eat it any time when you are hungry?
Does the magical aroma of the tastemaker leave you asking who’s cooking?

If there are more yes’s then you are a self-proclaimed Maggi loyalist.

Despite loads of USP this humble snack contains Pickloo my friend adds, “this (Maggi) is going to ruin our traditional Indian eating habit” He gets infuriated, “It has no value addition, is this some kind of a food?”

His comment comes to me as a dasher, where in my mind I wish to put Maggi (at least for the younger and selective few from the older generation) as a national food. A national food? They have introduced a range to fit in the Indian bill such as Dal Sambhar, Chatpata, tomato, Vegetable Atta, Shahi Pulao, Bhuna masala, rice mania, Lemon masala apart from the extremely popular masala. Dry vegetables like carrots, beans and onions are also part of the growing strategy to penetrate deep inside the large undivided and hugely fragmented Indian market.

Are you wondering if Nestle has bribed me to write in favor of this? No, FYI Take this: the Maggi lovers at Orkut have 38, 251 and Facebook have 16, 252 members and growing. I am leaving that endless stream of bloggers and self-confessed Maggi lovers who have an online presence, I am sure that the numbers are astronomical at the offline world. For the meat lovers, Maggi, was basically a substitute ‘cheap Meat extract’. It also has over a 100 year presence in history and the origin lies in Eastern European countries – Switzerland, Germany and Austria were the first adaptors and random surveys shout ‘Indians are the highest consumers of Maggi’.

So what’s so special about Maggi? This humble 2 minute smacking item cuts across region, religion, caste, gender, creed, age and has remained a top choice for urban mothers and pampered children when it comes to that evening snack. Evening? We have really lived on this scrumptious food that’s easily available and cheap, an absolute delite for our unplanned breakfasts, impromptu dinners and planned brunches at various point of our lives. My friend Vikram previously had rebuked me to initiate any kind of experiments with Maggi-‘Milk Maggi’. But, my friend, I believe in this process and it is surely going to attract people some day.

What does it takes to have a bowl of it? Rs 10 and 2 minutes.Do you feel the same?

@ Pickloo is going to kill me

Thursday, February 26th, 2009 | Author:

I was AMONG the FEW LUCKY people in this WORLD, who join an organization and the very next thing that they get to know is of a contest going on. I was very excited when I got to know of my luck and the fact that there is a blogging contest going on.

Don’t get me wrong here, it had nothing to do with my intentions of winning the contest. I was excited…looking forward to read what others would write, I thought of getting to know every one through their thoughts which they would pen down…oops type down.

But the sky came crashing on me, when THE BIG BOSS with THE BIG EYES, gave me the news that I did not have a choice and had to participating in the contest. (Why was he calling it blogging contest….then, why not blogging EXERCISE????) anyways, I love my job. So I didn’t MESS with THE BOSS and agreed to write.

I can’t even visualise my self writing in my dreams. All the writing stuff I can relate to is THE ESSAYS I WROTE on ‘MY BEST FRIEND’ and ‘THE COW’ while in school (yes, I did go to one).

Now, this was giving me NIGHTMARES, DAY MARES and all the OTHER MARES. I RACED MY BRAIN to figure out what to write. ( hey…I got a MRI scan of my head done recently and now I have a DOCUMENTED PROOF that I have something up there in my head and it is in working condition,.) So please…. no need for second thoughts here.

After exercising my brain a lot,( ALAS !….I did not even loose a pound after all this exercise :-(, I feel like suing the person who said exercise leads to weight loss.) Anyways, I had a more important task at hand than SUING THAT JERK. So I decided to write something about ME and LOVE. So that if at all; you cannot relate to one aspect of it. you all could relate to the other 😉

LOVE; the most difficult word to be explained, yet the most WONDERFUL thing on this earth. ALAS it can’t be expressed in WORDS (ESPECIALLY by a person like ME). To understand it you have to experience it.

By the time I could REALIZE all this, I was already in LOVE. I don’t know when i fell in LOVE, I don’t know when it STARTED or HOW it STARTED, by the time I REALIZED all this, I was HEAD OVER HEELS IN LOVE.


I’m so MADLY in LOVE with him that I see HIM ALL AROUND (LOVE is INTOXICATING man…………..!) I see HIM EVERY WHERE and in EVERY ONE ……when I look at my neighbour, my colleague or anyone for this matter I see HIM SMILING THROUGH them. You must be thinking I’m MAD ! But that’s true my friend……… LOVE DOES DRIVE YOU CRAZY 🙂

Since I see HIM every where and in everyone; I keep SMILING at everyone. and I’m sure any one would look BETTER when they SMILE and I’m no different. I should thank HIM for making me look PRETTIER! ( I don’t know WHY I DON”T FEEL like being MODEST rite now???)

PEOPLE who HEAR this SAY that I’m CRAZY and I’m DRIVING THEN CRAZY TOO. They think I CANNOT LOVE HIM like this and if at ll I do, then I MUST BE REALLY REALLY CRAZY. ( I SHOULD still be THANKFUL to them for at least not getting me into an ASYLUM 🙂 )

But I REALLY DON’T CARE about what they FEEL as I KNOW I Love HIM and HE LOVES ME TOO, and that is ALL I CARE ABOUT.

NOW YOU would be WONDERING, HOW can I be so SURE that he LOVES ME too.

OK, LET ME tell you that also :-). He KEEPS ASSURING me that HE LOVES ME. HE TAKES CARE of ME and PAMPERS me. He GETS me EVERYTHING I need without me ASKING for it; EVEN ONCE.

HE MAKES all the EFFORTS to KEEP ME SMILING every time.(NOT LITERALLY every time OF COURSE). HE does make me CRY sometimes, probably because HE finds ME CUTE when I CRY, but HE MAKES IT UP for that quickly and GIVES ME a reason to SMILE soon. DON”T YOU feel all this is ENOUGH of an assurance for me? or for this matter ANYONE?

I HAVE ALL THESE REASONS to prove my love but THE WORLD always HAS ONE SINGLE LOGIC (or THE LACK OF IT, I must say) to prove me wrong. THEY SAY I CANNOT be in LOVE with HIM because he is GOD.

SO WHAT? who TOLD THEM GOD doesn’t want LOVE??? or GOD hates BEING LOVED?

For them HE is ONLY GOD, they SEE HIM only in MURALS and BOOKS. ….FOR ME, HE is my sweetheart; my everything.I DON’T SEE HIM in a particular FORM or PLACE. I SEE him, I FEEL him and I SENSE him every where. He is NOT just the GOD to ME …HE IS MY WORLD……….MY LOVE.





Wednesday, February 18th, 2009 | Author:

Marriage… It doesn’t matter whether it is love or arranged, important is happy married life and it depends on personal understanding of couple, so we can’t say which is better or which is bad.

If I start comparing love and arranged marriages we will see that both has certain pros and cons. Most of the people have perception in their mind that arranged marriages are ideal marriages. But from my point of view it’s not true .there are certain things, which are found in love marriages and not in arranged. Like spending time together and getting to know each other. Because when you have decided to spend the life together it is important you know the person. There should be mental compatibility and understanding among both of you. And this happens when you spend time together. On this people may argue that even after knowing each other for so long then why people get divorced after marriage. It is because when two people are in love they are at their best to impress each other. They behave, they talk and they wear what the other person likes. But it is after marriage that you get to know the real person. There are couples who are still discovering each other even after twenty years of their marriage. This is the actual beauty of a relationship where everyday you discover a new thing about your partner.

In case of arranged marriages the relation starts when the girl and the boy get to know each other in a couple of meeting before the final commitment. Before deciding anything the parents check the family background and financial stability. Which is also very important. As most of the people have an idea that those who go for arranged marriages are not in an advantageous position but it’s not so you may get the right person for whom you have been waiting. Even in love marriages after many years of courtship people find their partner not suitable and they break up. So it is not about spending time together but successful marriage is all about understanding and respecting each other’s feelings, love and concern. It is argued that love marriages offer more independence and freedom as compared to arranged marriages since both of them knows each other so the social pressure and family pressure is less. If you know somebody before marriage it allows partners to have better respect and understanding for each other’s needs and desires. In love marriages expectations are more compared to arrange marriages, as they know each other and want their partner to act in the best possible manner. But sometimes these expectations become harmful.

Love or arranged both is based on empathy, responsibility, commitment, love and concern. So it’s not just about initial love and attraction it needs a lot of dedication and effort to sustain a marriage. So there is nothing like an ideal marriage it’s all about the way you perceive your marriage. After all you should be happy with your life partner irrespective of love or arranged marriage.

Personally speaking I would prefer an arranged marriage. Now the question why? In Arrange…whole family is involved. both one have a mind set to respect each other later on when understanding start growing between each other…then anything may come up if it’s in favor then good…if not in favor then family will be the most supportive at that time. But In love marriage…in difficult situation…all we have to manage our self… even families are helpless in few cases.

Thursday, February 05th, 2009 | Author:

The other day I woke from a slumber.
The world looked a little different….seemed better.
The illusion of reality we lived with had become redundant.
Dividing people to experience power was not necessary any more.
The need to kill today to live tomorrow had gone away.
Politics and religion had returned to being tools of love and peace.
Destroying what has been created was found to be wrong.
The joy of creation had been discovered.
The opportunity to create more than one consumed was available.
The ‘have nots’ finally had enough.
The ‘haves’ realized they had enough, finally.
The ‘us’ had started merging with the ‘them’.
It was easy to see who each one of us really was.
Everyone was lovable and everyone was loved.
The ‘every’ in everyone had begun to become redundant.

Then again the state above was driven by a simple three dimension perspective. We need to be able to distinguish the ‘person’ from the following three dimensions:
1) The stage of evolution that one is in. The lessons learned so far, and the learning that might still be on its way.
2) The environment that one is currently living in. Which covers all things external which often impact the decisions made.
3) The actions that one takes today.
On removing the three dimension above one starts seeing the true being within our self and others. It is a state in which we begin to truly appreciate how wonderful all of us are. That is the beginning of an awakening where the world described above starts moving from theory to practice. Complexity moves to simplicity. Illusions dissolve to show the reality.
Things get even more interesting when you start seeing the fourth dimension – time. With a perspective into time the three dimensions mentioned above can be moved around in your mind such that you can clearly start seeing the future and the past. Then you move from living in a beautiful world to living in many of them at the same time!

Sunday, February 01st, 2009 | Author:

“Think cold.” That’s what I used to say to myself (in my mother’s voice) every time something went wrong. It probably wasn’t meant to be a motto, but it evolved into one… not just a motto, but a way of life, a philosophy. But I am getting ahead of myself. So, let me step back a few years to explain.

When I was a child, we lived in an area where not having electricity for six to ten hours a day was not unusual. In the heat of the Delhi summer, just when we were ready to get into bed, everything would go dark. And we would prepare for another night of having to sleep without even a fan. Whenever I complained about the heat, my mother would say (most unmoved by my plight), “Think cold.” That was her way of saying, “Yes, I know it’s hot. Yes, it’s miserable to sweat through the night. But there is nothing we can do about it. Complaining will only make it worse.” So, I would lie down and think of swimming in a pool or of drinking a cold glass of lemonade. And guess what. It actually stopped being hot.

For more than a decade, I believed in that. Every time something went wrong, I would say to myself “THINK COLD.” And that philosophy made things better for me. You could say I was in the “blue” phase. Little did I realize that I had come to accept several things as “that’s how it’s always been” or “I can’t do anything about it.”

It was only when I was a little older that I began questioning things. I think that was my “red” phase. There was disgust and anger for how things were run in the country, the stringent rules that society had laid down for people to live by, the discrimination that was lashed out based on money, gender and color as well as the people who were not in the “questioning” mode. The rebellious phase had me totally discontent, very different from the “blue” phase.

Then one fine day, a beautiful thing happened. I was in the driver’s seat and I felt the fire from the sun on my face. It came to dawn on me that when things go wrong, it’s not always another who is responsible for fixing them. I am responsible. I began to seek out problems and greeted them with passion. And then made choices about which of them I would attempt at fixing. Somewhere between contentment and discontent lies orange… the fire that drives us to make the world a better place. If something angers us deeply or if we feel passionately about something going wrong, that’s the cue. The problems and shortcomings are there for us to take responsibility for and help fix.

I have chosen the wounds I want to dream of healing and the problems I wish to try alleviate. And now, when I see something going wrong… I have the faith that someone, somewhere is rolling up his sleeves to fix it… someone, somewhere is painting his face orange.

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008 | Author:
Both Valmikiji and Tulsidasji mention the word ‘Aajaanubhuja’ in relation to Lord Rama. It means that Lord Rama has knee-length arms and can touch His knees while standing upright.

Once a devotee asked Lord Rama- “Why does our Lord have such long and huge arms?” The Lord replied- “People, especially in the age of Kaliyuga, fall to a very low position, by not following Dharma and committing sins. Thus, I need to extend my hands to lift them up.”

Indeed Lord Rama is the saviour of all!!

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Wednesday, December 10th, 2008 | Author:

We all are aware of the pious relationship between Lord Rama and Lord Shiva. Lord Rama considers Lord Shiva His Guru and vice versa. Now, in Ramayana, Lord Rama worshipped Lord Shiva throughout His life. He even installed a Shivlinga at Rameshwaram. Lord Shiva also contemplated how would He be able to worship and serve His Aaraadhya. He could not simply go down and worship for a long time in His original form. He finally decided to become Hanuman and surrender His life at the pious feet of Lord Rama. Thus was born one of the greatest devotees of Lord Rama.

Jai Hanuman. Happy Hanuman Jayanti to all!!

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