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I always knew that a word called ‘weekend’ existed. However, deprivation from its experience made me consider it futile. This continued for twenty and a half years of my life. The very concept of how one day was technically different from another was out of my understanding.

I heard people talking about weekends. They usually made plans for that part of the week – plans to party. Shops announced they were open for a longer time during the weekends. On TV, the best movies came on Saturdays. Okay, it may sound a bit strange to you but this is how it was.

Then, I started working. And, I came to know what ‘weekend’ meant. When I looked back, I found myself doing one thing at a time 24*7 in all the phases of my life. Homework, quizzing, playing, nothing, singing, studying, writing – I did all that and just that. While the superficial pattern of my routine appears to be boring, I can not recall any day I felt so. On the other hand, the way how things captured my life is amazing. And trust me, it were those days which taught me that ‘enjoyment’ was ‘involvement’ spelt differently.

Then, some people came and told me, “Hey! See it works differently when you WORK.” Six months gone, I still do not understand them. Give me a break!

Don’t give me a weekend.

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    Good one, you’ll understand the subject someday, if not now!! Enjoy till it lasts. for that matter even if it never comes!

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    Well, I come from a different generation. In our time we didn’t have to attend school or college on Saturdays and Sundays – which led those two days to be spent slightly differently from the other five. One could do more of what one was interested in or were allowed late nights because the next day wasn’t a working day. I guess things are different for the Gen Y people.

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    Piyush Nigam 

    It does become a continuum when you have dug deep inside to find the things that you truly want to do and filled your life with them. Though the activities might change drastically from weekdays to weekends the feeling of ‘filling the unforgiving minute with sixty seconds worth of distance run’ stays on!

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    @Palash: Oh! I’m lovin it

    @Romila: I dont think it’ll be okay to generalize my experience as the Gen Y feeling. On the other hand, it was actually the distance i felt from people of my generation that inspired me to write the blog.

    @Piyush: eggjactly..

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