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So finally we have got what was ours. There was no bravery involved, only loads of cash, diplomatic efforts and some non sense sms/ viewers polling. I am talking about Mahatma Gandhi’s last articles or memorabilia. The items include a pair of leather sandals, steel rim spectacles and a silver plate set and a1910 Zenith pocket watch. These articles were held, till now by a Californian businessman James Otis and he got a princely sum paid by an Indian liquor baron at the Antiquorum auction house. That’s not the end, Mr Otis wanted the Indian government to cut down defence spending and allocate more funds for the poor and marginalized. With full regards to Mr Seller, your wishes are absolutely unwarranted, unconditional and extraneous. There is another thought that goes in my mind that, whether/if this is the same watch (Zenith) what Mahatma Gandhi wore at the time of his death? He got assassinated during his evening prayers.With an amount of $1.8 million, Mr Otis plans to promote pacifism. I wonder how these items went all the way to America.

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