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Maggie can’t play drums

for the rest of his life…

Neetu can’t say ‘No’

to tying the knot…

Annie can’t come home

late at night…

Rahul can’t relish

the enticing street food…

and I?… I can’t… just leave it.

Bobby can’t vroom

his bike on the road…

Monica can’t keep

a pup at home…

Ali can’t play with

water in the rain…

Sania can’t pray

the God she likes…

and I?…

I can’t… just leave it.

Radha can’t sing

a song aloud…

Mohit can’t call

his uncle who’s no more…

Prachi can’t wear

shorts to office…

and I?… I can’t… just leave it.

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  1. Wonderful creation Ankit 🙂 n nice pic as well !

  2. 2

    Thanks Kuntal

  3. 3
    Piyush Nigam 

    are you not able to ‘just leave it’ or are you just leaving out what you can’t?

  4. 4

    @piyush: this confusion of yours is , for me, the beauty of this piece. While writing it, I knew that readers may take it one way or the other. However, both the cases are applicable. If you decipher just this part, you’ll get the crux of the thought.

  5. 5

    This article is commencing true pic of a real life boy”s necessities or we can say survival necessities.. hwcme a person leave his utmost desires..

  6. 6

    Wearing shorts to offices allowed any where in the world?

  7. 7
    Piyush Nigam 

    @Ankit – the crux of the thought in any thing that begins with ‘I can’t’ can only be that one does not understand the complete meaning of what one wants. Because when true desire is coupled with complete understanding of what is desired then it does not leave place behind for a can’t.
    Off course which again brings one back to the same principle – be careful what you wish for because it can come true!

  8. 8

    I completely agree with you. However, this comment sounds like more of a judgment rather than an effort to understand the thought.

    ” and I?… I can’t… just leave it.”
    This is a desire to express. It has three levels. ‘Just leave it’ is the most intense form of this desire. The desire is fulfilled without expressing it explicitly.

    As far as your comment goes, there are lots of questions.

    Who decides whether a desire is true? Do I have the sole right? Is there anything called true desire? Do desires necessarily have to be understood? Who defines ‘be careful’ part of it?

    Largely, I guess it has got to do with the question: What is desire?

    As far as the ‘Can or Cant’ thing goes, I believe there is a cyclic (and not linear) progression of everything. Here, the cycle is:

    Can……………. I (?)……………Can

    It starts from ‘Can I?’ and comes to ‘I can’……

  9. 9

    @Ankit- your piece has elements (you can feel them)- it starts with a drum and marriage, food, automobiles and ends with a dress. You talk about desire and your inability to leave? When you free yourself from materialistic desires then “I can’t leave” is an opposed term.

    The picture is nice…

  10. 10
    Piyush Nigam 

    Arrey Bhai Aap to serious ho gaye 🙂

    But then since the thought is interesting let me not just leave it!

    One cannot pass judgment on another’s thoughts – what you have above is more of a lesson learnt that i shared with you. Effort to understand is typically necessary for places that one has never been in – For me this one just needed time travel to a place fifteen or twenty years ago 🙂

    To your questions:
    A desire is always true; the idea was to couple it with the complete understanding of what it stood for – what its execution will create and what it would destroy – and which do you value more. You will always have the sole right and the sole responsibility around its execution. Yes desires do need to be understood prior to their realization to ensure you are proud of the universe that you create. Desire is the beginning of a change that can be effected to your universe – it is the step that often happens effortlessly prior to the step where you make a choice on what you want to do with it. You are often not responsible for your desires (at least not on the conscious plane) but you will always be responsible for what you did with them!

    I agree that it begins with ‘Can I?’ and leads to ‘I can’ but the story continues into ‘Should I?’ …. ‘I Should’ or ‘I should not’. If it went the ‘I Should’ route then it follows into ‘I will’ and eventually ‘I am’…..

  11. 11

    @palash: Thanks a lot
    @piyush: Thank you sooooooooooo much for sharing your thoughts… It was great fun taking the thought of the blog forward.

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