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A blunder happened in recognizing and appreciating stalwarts and it happened by whom? No one knows.  Padma Shri is the fourth highest civilian award presented by the Government of India to recognize citizens in the field of Arts, education, Industry, Literature, science, sports and social life.

Frankly I have never kept a close watch on this year’s Padma Shri awards. what surprised me was the the list of people but from the news stories doing the rounds on the web, just came to know that a certain Hashmat Ullah Khan was never nominated for this prestigious award. He is a no one from the Arts except that he is a business person.

I have two questions here. Once, How did this goof up happened? Second, it should be the responsibility of the media to check back and ask questions on the veracity of such a thing. I leave the state and central government officers who recommended an award like this without even verifying credentials of people being honored for a while.

Not undermining Akshay Kumar, Helen and Aishwarya Rai contribution to Indian cinema but do they really deserve recognition of such stature? We just forgot that we performed well in the Olympics held last year and brought laurels in boxing and wrestling category. Don’t they deserve their pending dues?

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